Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rumors of their demise were greatly exaggerated...

I bought my first computer when my son was still a baby (he's 12 now). I heeded the advice of my friends and got a Mac. I've never regretted that decision. This post is being made with an ibook.

I went into a Radio Shack one day for a cable I needed-- this must have been around 1995. The clerk told me that they didn't carry any Mac cables, and besides, Apple was on it's way out.


Cleaning out my basement today, I came across an issue of Wired from 1997. It had an article entitled "101 Ways to Save Apple." There were various suggestions-- some serious, some tongue in cheek-- about how to save Apple. One of them, presciently, was "Switch to Intel Chips." Conspicuously missing was "Invent the Ipod," the thing that was one of the keys to saving Apple.

I've worked using PC's and Macs, and there's no contest. Macs are, in the words of my friend Ron, the computers that don't suck.


dirty said...

I am highly jealous...I have always wanted a Mac but my husband says they are junk and I know he is way way wrong...errr.

Johnny Yen said...

I think that people used to pc's weird out about them because macs are way more intuitive. They miss their "c drives" and "d drives" and all that crap.

My wife had an ibook that crapped out a couple of months ago. She's a mac girl too, but the only company that would give her credit was Dell, so she bought one. Within two days, she had to call service because a video she'd downloaded had changed all the settings on the laptop. Macs will ask you if you want things downloaded or installed, or settings changed.

Apple is unfortunately losing its dominance of the education field. The district I worked at for the last four years had pc's. We got new ones a couple of years ago, and all of them were infected with adware within weeks of installation. They sucked.