Friday, January 08, 2010

One More Week Friday Random Ten

I've got one more week left to my unusually long holiday break-- I've been off since December 10. I've been reviewing material, getting ready to go back. I got a text from a classmate who's in my section, asking if I had found out where our clinical is. We still don't know and probably won't know until we go back on Tuesday.

1. Take a Picture- Filter
2. Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
3. Boredom- The Buzzcocks
4. Drugs- The Talking Heads
5. Temporary Like Achilles
6. I'm Still Standing- Elton John
7. More- Kai Winding
8. 88 Lines About 44 Women- The Nails
9. Night Train- James Brown
10. Workin' Man Blues- Jon Wayne Texas Funeral

1. An atmospheric one-hit-wonder from about ten years ago.
2. I've loved this song since I was a kid. I recently read that Redding began writing it while sitting on a houseboat in Sausalito and finished it with Steve Cropper in the studio. It was his only #1 hit, a month after he died.
3. Love these guys!
4. From "Fear of Music," my favorite Talking Heads album.
5. From "Blonde On Blonde," on of my "desert island" albums.
6. An EJ hit from the early eighties, responding to detractors who said he was finished.
7. An instrumental hit from the sixties. I have no idea why I like this one, but I do.
8. This one got a lot of play on my college radio station.
9. I didn't know until I was older that "Night Train" was a cheap wine. When I taught in a tough Chicago neighborhood, I'd see empty bottles of Night Train, MD 20/20 and Richard's Wild Irish Rose in the gutters when I got off the el.
10. One of the big college radio albums of 1986 and one of the friggin' funniest records ever. I got down on my knees and thanked god the day it finally came out on cd. And I'm an athiest.


Churlita said...

That John Wayne is still big with my friends. I never get tired of it.

I'm also a big Otis Redding fan. I dated a guy from Ireland who thought his voice was too rough, but I love that about him.

Johnny Yen said...

"That ain't no country I know of!"

That album spread like wildfire among my friends and I-- when I finally found it on cd, I had to buy four copies-- everybody wanted one.

I recently tracked down my old friend Jamie a few months ago (been tracking down a bunch of long-lost friends lately), whom I used to sit and drink and listen to that album on cassette in his garage. He told me that he has played it for people at work (United Airlines) and they didn't find it funny. I find this unbelieveable.

I agree that the rough voice was one of his assets. I'd conjecture that your Irish ex had been introduced to Redding's music through "The Commitments," but truth be told, they somehow managed to find a white teenager who had a voice as rough as Redding's.