Friday, August 20, 2010

"A Summer Song" Friday Random Ten

I really meant to post a bunch this week-- I'm working on a post about two infamous gangsters and their Chicago connections. But time slips away-- not only am I getting ready to go back to school Monday, but my mother-in-law is staying with us while my father-in-law recuperates from his knee-replacement surgery. And on top of it, we're having a big "end of summer" bash tonight. And guess who's doing all the cooking...

In the meantime, while I prepare the coleslaw and tomato/broccoli/feta salad, I still have time to do my Friday Random Ten.

1. Girl From the North Country- Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash
2. Angie- The Rolling Stones
3. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy- The Buckinghams
4. We're All Alone- Boz Scaggs
5. Million Dollar Bash- Bob Dylan
6. Lonely Is (As Lonely Does)
7. Blue Moon- The Marcels
8. Memo To My Son- Randy Newman
9. It's All Right- Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions
10. Summer Days- Bob Dylan

1. A lovely duet from the "Nashville Skyline" album.
2. Supposedly about Angela Bowie, David Bowie's now-ex-wife.
3. Chicago treasures The Buckinghams with their version of a great Cannonball Adderley hit.
4. The closing track to "Silk Degrees," one of my desert island albums. Anne Murray had a hit with this one.
5. I have this one on the great "Biograph" set.
6. From "Like This," one of the great records of the eighties.
7. One of many hit versions of this song.
8. Randy Newman's homage to the joys of parenting a toddler.
9. From the late, great Curtis Mayfield and Jerry "The Iceman" Butler, who is a Cook County Commissioner these days.
10. Perfect ending to my last random ten of the summer-- Bob Dylan singing about summer. From the "Love and Theft" album.


Churlita said...

Love Curtis Mayfield. have a great weekend and and a fun party.

Mnmom said...

I can always depend on you for a good Johnny Cash recommendation. I loved Angie. Good to hear from you again!!!