Friday, October 22, 2010

The "Eyes On the Prize" Friday Random Ten

Had yet another exhausting week. Have a bunch of stuff to do for school and otherwise today. Keeping my eyes on the prize-- and on the five week Christmas vacation.

1. End of the Night- The Doors
2. Baby That's Me- The Cake
3. Here Comes My Girl- Tom Petty
4. A Sort of Homecoming- U2
5. Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher- Jackie Wilson
6. Radar Love- Golden Earring
7. Thunder On The Mountain- Bob Dylan
8. Mister Malcontent- Lloyd Cole
9. The Ballad of Spider John- Jimmy Buffett
10. Can't Live- Harry Nillsson

1. That first Doors album still sounds great to me. I'm excited to hear that their music is going to be available on the Rock Band game soon.
2. This group was a great anachronism-- a girl group that formed in the sixties when psychedelia, the Beatles and Stones were all the rage.
3. Tom Petty once described his music as "disposible pop crap." Maybe, but it's indispensible to me.
4. From "The Unforgettable Fire," one of my favorite eighties albums.
5. R and B great Wilson has been kind of forgotten these days-- but not by me.
6. One of the greatest driving songs ever.
7. From the great "Modern Times" album.
8. Lloyd Cole without his Commotions
9. Mr. Buffett's cover of Wesley Allan Willis' heartbreaking tale of a bad man who reforms too late to save love. I like this song so much that I can almost forgive Willis for also having written "Muskrat Love." Almost.
10. One of a handful of hits Nillsson, one of John Lennon's drinking buddies, had.


SkylersDad said...

Radar Love was in Vanishing Point if I recall, great driving movie!

BeckEye said...

Every time I hear that Tom Petty song now, I'm reminded of a night when I went to see a local band (in NY) and they started doing covers at the end of the night. Someone requested this and they started doing it, but the singer quickly realized he had no idea what the hell the verses were. So he just sort of mumbled through it until he would get to the "And then she looks me in the eyes" part, and thank God for the chorus.

Churlita said...

I'm not a big Jimmy Buffet fan, but I love Tom Petty.

Erik Donald France said...

I still have that Golden Earring album!

dmarks said...

And you're all alone.... when the bullet hits the phone.

Pat Tillett said...

I love Nillsson. I remember "back in the day" I had to almost beg my friends to check him out. He was awesome....
"Sit beside the breakfast table think about your troubles
Pour yourself a cup of tea and think about the bubbles"

Might be my favorite line ever...