Saturday, December 17, 2011

The "Christmas Approaches" Friday Random Ten

Been busy as hell at work; worked 65 hours last week, 55 the week before. This week I came in at a more modest just-under-40. It's good to rest this weekend.

Got the last of my Christmas gifts ordered yesterday. It'll be nice to be sharing the overtime I'm earning with my family, who had to tighten the belt along with me while I went to nursing school.

1. Back On The Chain Gang- The Pretenders
2. You're a Big Girl Now- Bob Dylan
3. Cities In Dust- Siouxie and the Banshees
4. Hey, St. Peter- Flash and the Pan
5. Red House- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
6. Ain't That A Kick In the Head?- Dean Martin
7. Memories Can't Wait- Living Color
8. Kitty's Back- Bruce Springsteen
9. Fisherman's Blues- The Waterboys
10. California Girls- The Beach Boys

1. Imagine being a member of the Pretenders in the eighties-- they had a 50% death rate
2. From "Blood On the Tracks," Bob Dylan's divorce album.
3. Oh to be 25 again and in 1986 again and have this one blasting at the Exit...
4. Seventies New Wavy one-hit wonder by a couple of former members of the Easybeats ("Friday On My Mind")
5. I'm pretty sure this song got played by the band at every party I was at in high school in the seventies.
6. How I somehow missed this song until a few years ago is beyond me. Love this one.
7. A great Talking Heads cover by one of my favorite bands from the nineties.
8. From Springsteen's second record.
9. Title track from one of my favorite records of the nineties.
10. Just heard today that the surviving Beach Boys are reuniting for a tour.


Mnmom said...

#6 is an all time favorite.
Isn't it nice to focus on just ONE job for a change???

Pat Tillett said...

At least now you are getting paid for all the hours your job sometimes requires!

Ah, the Beachboys...
To me, Brian Wilson was the heart, soul, and creative person in that band. I think they need to let it go now that he's gone. He was a genius and the rest were okay. I loved that band. NOBODY, before, during or since, could do harmonies like the did...