Friday, May 08, 2009

The Aches and Headaches Friday Random Ten

As my aches and pains from my car being wrecked last Sunday begin to fade, I'm left with a lingering headache-- no car. I pick my stepdaughter up from school most days, and thusfar, my neighbor/friend Patrick has lent me his car. I expected a loaner by now. I talked to the other guy's insurance today. It looks like they're headed toward accepting liability, but haven't talked to their guy yet. They told me that I could get a loaner at their rate and they'd reimburse me when it's all settled up. I'll go rent one on Monday.

In the meantime, this afternoon's bike ride and softball practice with my stepdaughter is going to leave me with a more familiar and-- much more welcome-- soreness.

1. Wait Until Tomorrow- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
2. Freiheit!- Jamie O'Reilly and Michael Smith
3. These Dreams of You- Van Morrison
4. Frenchette- David Johansen
5. Bye & Bye- Bob Dylan
6. Lover's Concerto- The Toys
7. The Last Resort- The Eagles
8. Come Back Jonee- Devo
9. The Right Profile- The Clash
10. Senior Service- Elvis Costello and the Attractions

1. I grew up on "Purple Haze," "Are You Experienced" and "Foxy Lady." Discovered this one in later life.
3. German for "Freedom." It's from an album about the Lincoln Brigade. Michael Smith wrote the lovely song "The Dutchman," which Steve Goodman covered wonderfully.
3. From Moondance.
4. From New York Doll David Johansen's fabulous first solo album, and one of my favorite-ever songs.
5. From "Love and Theft."
6. The melody from this song is based on a classical song
7. This one's the closing track on "Hotel California," one of the first albums I ever bought
8. From Devo brilliant and often manic first album. Another one from that one, "Uncontrollable Urge" has become a Yen family favorite to do on Rock Band.
9. A song from "London Calling" about the tragic movie star Montgomery Clift.
10. From "My Aim Is True," one of the greatest first albums ever.


purplelar said...

Uncle Yen,

Lover's Concerto is Bach's Minuet in G. Thirty years ago, it was one of the first pieces I learned to play on the flute.

Erik Donald France said...

Rock on, man -- and walk on, I guess!

"Senior Service" is brutal -- funky but chic.

Rocket_Scientist said...

at least your car wasn't red...

Churlita said...

I love My Aim is True.

I hope all your soreness goes away fast.

mikejaz said...

Uh, Johnny, check yer Elvis albums..."Senior Service" is side 1 cut 2 from "Armed Forces".

It's the death that's worse than fate...

Johnny Yen said...

Doh! I knew that. I think I'd heard a song from "My Aim Is True" earlier in the day.