Friday, September 11, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day Friday Random Ten

I spent the day reading for school, so I'm getting a late start on my Friday Random Ten. I'm sitting out on the back porch with a cup of black coffee on a perfect Chicago evening. And my Itunes shuffle is adding to it with one of the best random shuffles ever.

Our Beatles Rock Band for our Wii arrived today, so I have a feeling my daughter and her friends will rope me into playing. Twist my arm.

1. Too Shy- Kajagoogoo
2. Tape From California- Phil Ochs
3. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away- The Beatles
4. A Million Miles Away- The Plimsouls
5. 1969- Iggy and the Stooges
6. I Am, I Said- Neil Diamond
7. Up On The Roof- The Drifters
8. Count On Me- The Jefferson Starship
9. Walk This Way- Run-DMC w/ Aerosmith
10. I'm A Bitch- Meredith Brooks

1. One of my favorite '80's one-hit wonders
2. Phil Ochs' take on the wonderful madness of the late sixties.
3. Recently discovered a lovely cover of this song by a group called Sylkie.
4. From the terrific soundtrack to "Valley Girl."
5. "Another year for me and you/Another year with nothin' to do.."
6. Love this song. I also have a great cover by Killdozer.
7. Funny, I was singing Ben E. King's "Spanish Harlem" earlier today.
8. Downloaded this one after hearing in "The Family Stone." It's in the bar scene.
9. Love the original and this inspired cover, which of course included Aerosmith playing along.
10. I'm working on a list of my top favorite "Un-PC songs" for this blog. I think this one's going on the list.


Erik Donald France said...

Good ones. Hard to beat "1969" ;->

BeckEye said...

I was just jamming out to The Plimsouls this evening. I do prefer those Josie Cotton songs though!

dmarks said...

Kajagoogoo was/were a two-hit wonder. I count lead singer Limahl, who had a hit for a while with the "Neverending Story" theme song.

Churlita said...

I love every song on the list this week.

jazman said...

good call, dMarks...Lihmal!

The Silkie version of "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" was a big hit in the summer of '65 on WLS...check out
first hit the Top 40 during the week of Oct. 15, 1965 an made it up to #15.

This is a great website, having all the Silver Dollar Surveys from 1960 thru 1982! Check out the variety of music we listened to in the 60s...the kids today are so deprived!