Friday, November 27, 2009

The Non-Black Friday Random Ten

My wife braved the Black Friday crowds today. Not me. I start scouting deals from about August on, on-line. By Mid-December or so, I'm sitting there in the catbird seat, Christmas shopping done, no sweat.

We had the proverbial "Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat" with our friends Guido and Wendy, a tradition that is now two years old. I actually love to cook and look forward to when school is done and I can do a Thanksgiving dinner here at our place. Until then, enjoy the randomness of my Itunes random shuffle.

1. Gary Gilmore's Eyes- The Adverts
2. Hands Off, She's Mine- The English Beat
3. Into The Mystic- Van Morrison
4. Anytime At All- The Beatles
5. The Rumor- The Band
6. Lord Grenville- Al Stewart
7. Because The Night- Patti Smith Group
8. I Left My Heart In San Francisco- Tony Bennett
9. Independence Day- Bruce Springsteen
10. It's Too Late To Turn Back Now- The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose


Scott said...

Eight of them could be on mine.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I cannot imagine why anyone would chose to shop on that day.

Erik Donald France said...

Good work, man.

The English Beat were like a soundtrack for me in the early 80s. "Into the Mystic" -- Van Morrison got there, and *was* a mystic when he did.

Churlita said...

I love your list. Pretty much every song on it. I wish I could listen to it right now at work.

Mnmom said...

Great list my friend, especially 3 and 8. I love that you have a friend named Guido. My Italian husband likes it too!!!