Saturday, December 12, 2009

Better Late Than Never Friday/Saturday Random Ten

Friday got away from me-- was busy tying off the last of my Christmas shopping. I also switched shifts with a friend at work and so I worked last night. The good part of that is that I get a rare Saturday night home with my kids. We're going to continue an old tradition-- making a gingerbread house.

1. Heard It On the X- ZZ Top
2. Domino- The Uptown Rulers
3. Forgotten Years- Midnight Oil
4. The Leader- The Clash
5. Wicked Gravity- Jim Carroll Band
6. Something Stupid- Nancy and Frank Sinatra
7. We're Having A Party- Sam Cooke
8. The Model- Kraftwerk
9. Watermelon Man- Mongo Santamaria
10. Amelia- Joni Mitchell

1. ZZ Top's homage to a border radio station.
2. A ska version of the Van Morrison classic-- digitized from vinyl.
3. The always-political Midnight Oil
4. The Clash' take on a political sex scandal.
5. The late Jim Carroll, from "Catholic Boy," the same album his classic "People Who Died" was on.
6. Today is Frank Sinatra's birthday!
7. Sam Cooke has really grown on me over the years.
8. The hardcore band Big Black did a cover of this one.
9. A one-hit wonder from a the Cuban-born jazz great.
10. Ms. Mitchell's tribute to aviation pioneer Amelia Aerhart


kirby said...

I've probably already mentioned this to you before, but do you have his "Live at the Harlem Square Club" album ? (yeah, I know, I still call them albums)

Erik Donald France said...

Forgot about Midnight Oil; makes me think of the big veinie bald dude.

Johnny Yen said...

No, I don't-- I'll have to see if I can get it at my library.

That singer, Peter Garrett, is now a member of the Austrlian House of Representatives, with the Labor Party.

Churlita said...

I love Sam Cooke...Well, his music, not his lifestyle.

I also love "Watermelon Man". I have a couple different versions of it. The original and one by Herbie Hancock, and the dance one they sampled in the 90's.

kirby said...

If you can't find it let me know. I have it somewhere, and I'll burn you a copy.