Friday, March 12, 2010

The "Take a Breath-- It'll All Be All Right" Friday Random Ten

Had an interesting day. First the good part of it. I got together with a bunch of old classmates for a study session. It was very productive and it was just nice to see them; they were able to get our old teacher, I wasn't, so I don't get to hang out with them much.

I was reminded of how nice a group of people they are; one of the people they invited to the study session was Marixa, a woman about my age who's from Argentina. She struggled a lot last semester, largely because of the language difference, and so we tried to help her out. Obviously, they're still making sure to help her out. I know that I'll stay in touch with them when we all head out into the field.

Now the frustrating. I went to get the emissions tested on my car and it failed. That means that now I have to add a $300 tune-up to the $99 early registration-- all to get a $6 replacement plate for my car.

Both my son and my best friend have offered to lend me the money, bless their hearts. This weekend should be good at work-- the restaurant is ostensibly Irish-themed, though neither owner has a drop of Irish blood in his body. Still, our wonderful loyal regulars will come in for their Corn Beef and Cabbage, and hopefully I'll be able to take care of everything Monday without borrowing money from anyone.

I also had an interesting conversation with my son. He's apparently losing his patience with his mother and wants to be at my house every weekend until he goes on his trip to Hawaii early next month with his high school band. His mother is apparently all for it; apparently she's finally got a boyfriend, thank god. Now maybe she'll get a life and be less focused on giving me a hard time.

Only 726 days until he turns 18 and I never have to deal with her again...

1. Abraham, Martin and John- Dion
2. Must Have Got Lost- The J. Geils Band
3. Revolution Rock-- The Clash
4. Go- Tones On Tail
5. What's Happening?!?!- the Byrds
6. Chains- The Beatles
7. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me- Elton John
8. It Never Rains In Southern California- Albert Hammond
9. Words of Love- The Mamas and the Papas
10. Friends In Low Places- Garth Brooks

1. Dion did this one right after he got off of drugs. It was written by Dick Holler, who also wrote "Snoopy vs. The Red Baron" for the Royal Guardsmen
2. One of the all-time great break-up songs of all time, with the greatest summation of the end of love ever: "You never see love coming/But man, you sure see it go..."
3. The last listed track on the Clash' "London Calling," but we all know about the secret last track-- Train In Vain, which became their first US hit.
4. Heard this one a million times in clubs in the '80's and had no idea who it was. I heard it while watching "Grosse Point Blank" and looked it up after that.
5. Written and sung by David Crosby, who, believe it or not, didn't sing lead on many Byrds songs while in the band.
6. A cover of the Cookies' original, one of the many hits written by Brill Building songwriters Carole King and Gerry Coffin.
7. Elton John almost didn't release this one-- he felt that his vocals were weak on it. The music public and music business felt differently-- it was one of his biggest hits and won a Grammy for best male vocalist.
8. Hammond has written a number of hits, including the Hollies "The Air That I Breath." His son Albert Jr. is a member of the Strokes.
9. I grew up listening to my dad's copy of the Mamas and the Papas' greatest hits collection, and have a very soft spot in my heart for them.
10. First heard this one about ten years ago while listening to a country station on my headphones while running and it instantly became one of my favorites. My wife's cousin Larry and I duet to it on karoake every three years at my wife's family's reunion-- it's become a tradition.


SkylersDad said...

regarding song #1, there is a whole lot of distance between that and Snoopy and the Red Baron!

Johnny Yen said...

Yep, you pretty much can't get much further apart than those two, can you? Except that Jimmy Paige and Robert Plant, the guys who wrote "Stairway to Heaven" also wrote Bette Midler's "The Wind Beneath My Wings."

Erik Donald France said...

Hey man, good luck! The Royal Guardsmen album was one of the first I got as a kid -- still have it.

Interesting fact: Michigan has NO emissions test requirement. "States' Rights," I suppose -- and the Big Auto stamp. Of course, Detroit has no real mass transit, either . . .

Mnmom said...

Cars are like houses - giant money suckers.

The Clash always means lean college days to me. I love that EJ song. I've hooked my kids on the Mamas and the Papas, and Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Churlita said...

I almost never talk to my ex anymore. My younger daughter refuses to go over there and my oldest daughter turns 18 in 2 months, so my contact with him will be almost non-existent then. Yea!