Friday, May 30, 2008

The "Girls Night Out/Kids Night In" Friday Random Ten

Kim and a couple of her girlfriends are going to see the "Sex and the City" movie tonight, so I'll be at home with my stepdaughter and three of her friends, cooking frozen pizzas for them and watching the original "Freaky Friday." Should be fun.

1. Chelsea Hotel- Leonard Cohen
2. That's the Way Love Is- Marvin Gaye
3. You're the Best Thing- The Style Council
4. Guess Things Happen That Way- Johnny Cash
5. Rock Me On the Water- Jackson Browne
6. Another Girl, Another Planet- The Only Ones
7. Vehicle- The Ides of March
8. We're An American Band- Grand Funk Railroad
9. Brand New Key- Melanie
10. Whiskey 'n Mama- ZZ Top

1. This sad lovely little song is about an encounter Cohen had with Janis Joplin. Lloyd Cole did a nice cover of this one on one of the two Cohen tribute albums that have come out.
2. The sad ending to Marvin Gaye's life gives an extra sadness to a lot of his songs. This one is one of my favorites.
3. Paul Weller's post-Jam project.
4. What would a Friday Random Ten be without a little Johnny Cash?
5. Jackson Browne getting spiritual. I love this song!
6. From the great seventies punk collection, "No Thanks."
7. One of the great singles ever, from Chicago's own "Ides of March." Their leader, Jim Peterik, went on to form survivor and had a few more hits.
8. "Sweet, sweet Connie was doing her act..."
9. "I got a brand new pair of roller skates/You got a brand new key." This song brings innuendo to new heights.
10. From the ZZ Motherf*ckin' Top Six Pack, man!


Erik Donald France said...

Awesome selection. Chelsea Hotel is uber-cool in a still Boho kinda way (though ca. $275/night nowadays ;)

STPTT said...

Girlfriends - uhu...