Friday, February 20, 2009

Strangely Coincidental Friday Random Ten

On Sunday, I posted a picture of my long-lost friend Alan's old car in a blog post. The next day, by sheer coincidence, he contacted me through Facebook. It had been probably 20 years since I'd contacted him. It was one of a bunch of weird coincidences the last week or so. I was telling a friend at work about it, and she mentioned that she too had had a bunch of strange occurences and coincidences in the previous week. Maybe it's in the air.

1. Is Vic There?- Department S
2. For The Love Of Ivy- The Gun Club
3. Summer- War
4. Dr. Feelgood- Aretha Franklin
5. Ship of Fools- World Party
6. Under Pressure- David Bowie and Queen
7. We're Having a Party- Sam Cooke
8. Sit Yourself Down- Stephen Stills
9. Keep Your Hands To Yourself- The Georgia Satellites
10. New Values- Iggy Pop

1. Heard this song one day on the Comcast Cable new wave/punk station. I particularly love the part where he sings in French.
2. From the fabulous "Fire of Love" album.
3. Lots of cowbell in this one!
4. Someone told me that they're going to put the funny hat Ms. Franklin wore at the inauguration into the Smithsonian.
5. I heard this one at the grocery store the other day. Never thought I'd hear World Party at the Jewel's.
6. Remember the whole ruckus over Vanilla Ice ripping off the riff from this song? Thank god he's slipped into the obscurity he belongs in.
7. Man, Sam Cooke sounds better and better to me every year.
8. One of a number of great songs Stills did solo.
9. The Satellites came out of the remains of the Brains, who wrote and performed the original of "Money Changes Everything," which Cyndi Lauper covered.
10. I love the Igster!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Sam Cooke, do you have that live album of his that was released during the mid 80's or so? Awesome.

dmarks said...

"6. Remember the whole ruckus over Vanilla Ice ripping off the riff from this song? Thank god he's slipped into the obscurity he belongs in."

The underappreciated cartoon TV show "The Critic" had a tall blonde office boy in it who ran errands, made coffee, etc. At one point, he said "I used to be Vanilla Ice".

Erik Donald France said...

Dr. Feelgood is a pretty ideal date song . . .

And who can beat "New Values"? How about Lou Reed's "New Sensations" as a companion piece?

Erik Donald France said...

p.s. And Iggy/Stooges' "Dirt" with Lou Reed's "Dirt"?

Anonymous said...

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Churlita said...

Sorry. I don't have any wholesale items to offer up, but I do love your playlist. I'm a huge fan of the Gun Club, Sam Cooke and Iggy, in particular.