Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank God It's Almost March Friday Random Ten

This winter has sucked-- too much snow, real friggin' cold, wet, messy-- I am very ready for Spring.

1. Hang On To Your Ego- Frank Black
2. Holly Holy- Neil Diamond
3. Devil In Her Heart- The Beatles
4. She Sells Sanctuary- The Cult
5. Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie- Johnny Cash
6. Heart of Mine- Bob Dylan
7. Last Trip To Tulsa- Neil Young
8. East Texas Red- Arlo Guthrie
9. After The Gold Rush- Neil Young
10. Sweet Young Thing- The Chocolate Watchband

1. The Pixies' Frank Black covering the Beach Boys
2. I loved how they kidnapped Neil Diamond in "Saving Silverman."
3. From the "With the Beatles" album
4. This one was on the jukebox of Danny's, in Bucktown, back when Danny still owned the joint.
5. Yesterday was Johnny Cash' birthday-- still miss him.
6. From Dylan's "Biograph" box set, which everybody should have in their record collection. He's had so much good material since Biograph's 1985 release, he could have a Biograph II
7. Some very Dylanesque Neil Young, from his first album.
8. Arlo Guthrie covering his father's song about a couple of hoboes getting their revenge on a cruel railroad detective
9. Neil Young's post-apocalyptic vision
10. From the "Nuggets" collection


Mnmom said...

Love that Man in Black.

SkylersDad said...

Love after the goldrush!

kirby said...

Alas, my son hasn't taken to Dylan. How do your kids like him?