Friday, February 06, 2009

That's Why They Call Him Dick

I hear again and again that comedian Jon Stewart has the best news show. Here's proof.

And why does Cheney have to be such a dick?


SkylersDad said...

Wouldn't it be great if Jon would run for office?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this Dick have been found dead with a prostitute by now?

Erik Donald France said...

Exactly. This particular Dick should fall off once and for all.

Distributorcap said...

the planet would be a much better place without this dick

and as for stewart - he is EXACTLY why msm news and cable news like CNN is falling apart -- stewart tells the truth and with humor, CNN etc talks about michael phelps and Fox News talks about their love of bush

which would you watch?

Johnny Yen said...

It would indeed! We'd have at least one comedian who was intentionally funny.

All we have to do is get a stake in his heart or get him in the sunlight.


You mean a 23-year-old getting high is not news? But that's never happened before...

At least CNN isn't falling all over itself trying to be Fox news. I'm convinced that everyone involved in Fox news lives in some sort of alternate reality.