Friday, July 31, 2009

The "Bat Out of Hell" Friday Random Ten

I've been running like a bat out of hell for the last week, with work and trying to get everything done for nursing school-- hence the lack of posts. I did do the legwork for a couple of posts that I think you'll enjoy. Tonight, though, it's dinner and Putt-Putt golf with the kids.

1. Europa- Santana
2. Frankenstein- Edgar Winter Group
3. Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie (On The King of Rock and Roll)- Long John Baldry
4. The Stars of Warburton- Midnight Oil
5. Happy- The Rolling Stones
6. Run, Run, Run- The Velvet Underground
7. Forever Young- Bob Dylan
8. Jumping Someone Else's Train- The Cure
9. You Got The Silver- The Rolling Stones
10. Heaven- Los Lonely Boys

1. Love this slow, smoky instrumental.
2. Holy smokes, another of my favorite instrumentals!
3. A great story-song.
4. My favorite Midnight Oil song. Love the imagery in it.
5. From Exile On Main Street, the greatest rock and roll album ever.
6. The Velvets' first album is one of the great debut albums ever.
7. This is a lovely, spare demo arrangement from the fabulous "Biograph" set.
8. I wasn't crazy about the Cure in the eighties, but they've grown on me over the years.
9. Woo hoo! More Stones, this time from Let It Bleed
10. A sweet little number from a few years ago.

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