Saturday, July 18, 2009

Right Here, That's Where...

A few weeks ago, Republican Fucktard Congressman Boehner had a video where he had a bloodhound searching for jobs created by the Economic Stimulus money. Huffington had a post about it here:

I can tell him exactly where a portion of the money is: resurfacing Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. Here's a picture.

The stretch of Lincoln Avenue, around Bryn Mawr, was pot-holed to the point of being dangerous; I had to drive over it when I picked up my son at my ex's house. I'm very happy it's being fixed.

Boehner is, of course, playing to the rubes that 1. forget that a Republican was president for the previous eight years, and the current Democrat has had not even eight months to start mitigating the damage of the previous administrations and 2. don't realize that his state, Ohio, has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and stands to gain the most from publicly-created jobs.

Keep on digging your hole, Republican Party.


Distributorcap said...

i think Boner is more concerned if stimulus money reaches the nearest tanning parlor

it is amazing how much they want everything to fail

LegalMist said...

The Fox news pundits and other Republican blowhards have annoyed the crap out of me with their whining about how Obama hasn't fixed the economy yet. As you correctly note, it is likely to take more than a few months to fix what George Bush spent 8 years screwing up. And I didn't notice them whining about Bush not "fixing" the economy. They just kept rah-rah-ing about what a "great" job he was doing with his unnecessary war.

And I, for one, have noticed at least a little improvement already. For one thing, people seem more hopeful / less despondent. And my clients with outstanding bills are paying more of the balance this year than they did last year, perhaps because they are more hopeful that their economic troubles aren't going to last forever and/or get worse.

bubbles said...

When I was in Colorado there were road signs (big ones) that said the stimulus money was at work. Here in the dead zone (Republicanland) there is NO indication that work being done is funded by the Federal government. I haven't heard a single whisper of where the funds for AZ are being used. It pisses me off. There should have been a stipulation that Federally funded projects had to be posted as such! Go Stimulus Package, Go!!! Stuff it, Republicans.

Churlita said...

I'm seeing much needed road work being done here too. The Conservatives can just suck it.

Erik Donald France said...

Touché! The GOP leadership is a joke. Losers all!

dmarks said...

Are they doing a good job? Or are they working 2 days a week, and on the days that they are there, loafing about eating sandwiches much of the time?

I see that so much of the time, and I know of people who have been killed from unsafe situations created by highway workers messing up the roads (narrowing lanes, etc) and taking an overly long time to finish things.

Yesterday, I drove through a zone marked "Men Working" with special orange signs, and there were no signs that any workers had been there at all for days.

That's not safe for workers, really. "Men working" signs should be used only if there are road workers. Otherwise, it is like crying wolf, and they get ignored because they don't mean anything.

vikkitikkitavi said...

Boehner should use that bloodhound to try to find those WMDs in Iraq.