Friday, July 03, 2009

The Day I've Been Waiting For Friday Random Ten

I ended up with an unintentional week off of blogging-- I added another shift a week, at least for the summer, school workload was staggering, and I went to the trial of the guy who killed my old friend Mark-- they're currently trying him for the murder of his own accomplice in the robbery that Mark was killed in. More on that in another post. For now, it's a beautiful July day here in Chicago, and I'm going to enjoy it.

1. You Can't Kill Me- The Washington Squares
2. Stand Or Fall- The Fixx
3. Kiss- Tom Jones with The Art Of Noise
4. Shades- Jon Wayne Texas Funeral
5. The Wall- Johnny Cash
6. We Better Talk This Over- Bob Dylan
7. I Think It Was The Wine- The Siegal-Schwall Band
8. What's What- Les McCann and Eddie
9. I Should Have Known Better- The Beatles
10. Solibury Hill- Peter Gabriel

1. Loved these guys-- punk rockers who formed a faux hipster/bohemian folk trio that sang political songs.
2. I liked the vid for this song, which was vaguely anti-war.
3. This was on the jukebox at Danny's, on Damen and Dickens, back in the day. Love the Prince original, too.
4. If you don't have this album, Jon Wayne Texas Funeral, get it. It's the funniest album ever.
5. From "Live At Folsom Prison."
6. From 1978's Street Legal. Not his best album, but it has its moments.
7. My parents used to see these guys in the sixties, down in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood, in the sixties. They're still kicking it out-- I've embeded a recent performance of this very funny song at the bottom of this post.
8. Heard this song the first time in the '70's on WXRT. Was delighted years later when I discovered that it was on the jukebox at Raven's, a bar on Clark Street I used to go after work when I worked weekend nights at a restaurant downtown.
9. The Beatles at their youngest and freshest. Still love the harmonica on this song.
10. From Peter Gabriel's first post-Genesis album. It was his biggest hit for a long time until Sledgehammer.


Erik Donald France said...

Palin resigning -- celebrate July 4th!

Let the good times roll . . .

dmarks said...

Before "Sledgehammer", I remember hearing "Shock the Monkey" a lot more than "Solsbury Hill". But in the intervening years, I think "Solsbury" has become more popular.

Erik: Yay! No more endless bashing of her based on her skirt and boots.

Churlita said...

Love John Wayne Texas Funeral.

I also liked the Fixx. They were some good 80's pop back in their day.