Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reason To Believe

In between my last preparations for starting nursing school in a couple of weeks-- I have to go in for a checkup and a bunch of blood tests today-- I've been trying to catch up with blogging. I've been neglecting it for a while. Indeed, I've noticed since Facebook took the world by storm, a lot of blogs have been slowing down or even falling by the wayside entirely. For me, Facebook has been a nice way to keep in daily touch with old friends who have scattered, geographically, to the four winds. But it'll never replace blogging, either reading or writing, for me.

Speaking of catching up, I was catching up with one of my long-time favorite bloggers, Barbara, and her preparations to send the soon-to-be-non-Resident Offspring off to college. When I started reading her blog three years ago, her daughter was my son's age, 15. I got a little preview of my future reading her post.

She also mentioned Tim Hardin, an artist who seems to have been forgotten over the years. He wrote some wonderful songs in his short life-- he had a long-time heroin problem that finally killed him in 1980 at the age of 39-- that were mostly known for their covers: both Bobby Darin and Johnny Cash covered "If I Were A Carpenter," Johnny Cash did a nice cover of "Lady Came From Baltimore" and Rod Stewart's cover of "Reason To Believe" was on Every Picture Tells A Story. As much as I like those covers, I loved the originals even more.

Searching Youtube, I could only find one clip of him, performing "If I Were A Carpenter" at Woodstock. I also found a lovely cover of my favorite Tim Hardin song, "Reason To Believe," performed by Billy Bragg and Lisa Miller on a television show. Enjoy.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Has it really been that long since we first started reading each other blogs? I am rather gobsmacked by that.

I have to admit, it's sort of comforting to me, that your family will soon be following along on the off to university pat. Just knowing that we are all on the same path makes me feel like part of something larger.

Thanks for the Tim Hardin videos! I recently discovered his music (through the soon to be non-resident offspring, oddly enough) and I can't quite get enough. Many thanks!

Flannery Alden said...

I've been a bad blogger and I blame Facebook.

You can't deal with a problem until you admit having it, I guess. I hope to have many posts next week, as my family are off on vacation!

But I'll never leave blogging either; I love that sense of being part of something bigger that Barbara mentions.

Erik Donald France said...

Beautiful, beautiful.

Blogging seems like a matter of record, Facebook feels kinda ephemeral. Let alone Twitter. But they can be worked in tandem, for those with the time and energy, I suppose.

Wonder of the new Woodstock movie will be good?

Distributorcap said...

hardin played at Woodstock

Anonymous said...

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