Friday, August 28, 2009

The "Shit Hits The Fan" Friday Random Ten

I started nursing school this week. In between kids, work and a huge amount of studying, I'm trying to continue blogging. The shit has hit the fan.

1. Tombstone Blues- Bob Dylan
2. The World Turns Around Her- The Byrds
3. People Take Pictures of Each Other- The Kinks
4. Blue Hotel Room- Joni Mitchell
5. Work Out- The Fondas
6. Interstate Love Song- Stone Temple Pilots
7. It's Too Late- Amy Grant
8. Waiting For The Big One- Peter Gabriel
9. Fat Man In The Bathtub- Little Feat
10. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll- Ian Dury and the Blockheads

1. The second track on the terrific "Highway 61" album.
2. I hear this one a lot on Little Steven's Underground Garage.
3. From "The Village Preservation Society" album, which has really grown on me in recent years.
4. Recently Netflixed a great dvd, "Refuge of the Roads," about the tour that supported "Hejira," the album this is from.
5. Love these Detroit rockers!
6. We bought this one on Rock Band recently. I love singing this one.
7. This was from a Carole King tribute album that came out in the nineties. It's one of those rare covers that does justice to the original. Found myself playing both the original and cover during my two divorces. The line "Still I'm glad for what we had and how I once loved you" is one of my favorites ever.
8. A wryly humorous song from Peter Gabriel's first post-Genesis solo album.
9. Little Feat was formed when Frank Zappa recognized how good Lowell George was and told him he needed to leave the Mothers of Invention and form his own band. Thankfully he followed Zappa's advice.
10. Loved hearing this song on the radio when I was in high school in the late seventies. Of the three things, I was getting only Rock and Roll.


Erik Donald France said...

The Kinks are like that, aren't they? Nifty tracks all the way here.

Erik Donald France said...

p.s. saw somewhere that a movie is coming out about Ian Dury. Strange. But interesting.

Dale said...

I don't think you're busy enough Johnny.

Churlita said...

The only Ian Drury and the Blockheads song that I have is Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick. I think I first heard of the from the Concert for the People of Kampuchea album.

Good luck with everything.

Distributorcap said...

any list that has JOni MItchell is ok with me