Friday, February 26, 2010

The "Sigh of Relief" Friday Random Ten

Last year was an unexpectedly difficult year, between the general recession (and consequently less money at my waitering job), my wife being out of work for 5 months and the auto accident I had in June. I realized that I had to manage my debts somehow until I finished school. After researching debt management companies, I finally made a call to the one I chose. Within a half hour, everything was straightened out. I'll be making a monthly payment that is about half of what a bunch of minimum payments would have been. When I'm done with school, I can pay the balance off without a penalty. I'm quite relieved to have a plan.

Later today, at the suggestion of a classmate, I'm also going to hang a sign at the local Whole Foods offering tutoring. I figure that parents may be willing to pay pretty well to have a certified former elementary school teacher to tutor their kids. Keep your fingers crossed.

1. The Long Black Veil- Johnny Cash
2. Good Vibrations- The Beach Boys
3. Smiling Faces- The Dramatics
4. Centerfold- The J. Geils Band
5. Darling Be Home Soon- The Lovin' Spoonful
6. A Fool For Your Stockings- ZZ Top
7. Slow Ride- Foghat
8. Daddy's Tune- Jackson Browne
9. Come Running- Van Morrison
10. Spitting In The Wind- The dB's

1. Today would have been The Man In Black's 78th birthday. Following a Facebook thing that's going on, I'm wearing some black today. Of course, I wear a black t-shirt almost every day of my life, so that's not too difficult...
2. The instrument on this song is not a Theremin, contrary to popular belief, but a very similar homemade instrument.
3. These guys were a 2-hit wonder-- they had another hit with "Whatcha See Is Watcha Get."
4. In his 1980 book "The Rock Book of Lists," rock critic Dave Marsh listed the J. Geils Band as one of the top ten great rock bands to never have a #1 hit. The next year, they released their smash hit record "Freeze Frame" and had a #1 hit with "Centerfold." And then they broke up. Damn Marsh for jinxing them.
5. This lovely song might be my favorite love song ever. I've included a live clip I found on Youtube at the bottom.
6. Saw that "Little Ol' Band From Texas" on the tour for Dequello, the album this was on, in 1980.
7. Two of the three bands I saw in my first concert, at the Superbowl of Rock in Soldier's Field are represented on this list. One was Foghat, and another was J. Geils Band. The third was the one-hit wonder Climax Blues Band ("Couldn't Get It Right")
8. This is tied with Steve Goodman's "My Old Man" as my favorite father song.
9. From the great Moondance album.
10. Nobody was happier than I was when the dB's' 1984 "Like This" album was rereleased on cd a few years ago-- it had been out of print for a long time. Along with the Replacements' Hootenanny and Let It Be albums, it was a mainstay during my college years.


Erik Donald France said...

Oh yeah -- the dbs were cool! "Amplifier" was a fave in Chapel Hill.

Good luck with the financial stuff -- sounds like a good workable plan.

Churlita said...

Great list. I haven't heard a lot of those songs in a while. I might have to bring them up on my iTunes.