Friday, February 12, 2010

Three Day Weekend Friday Random Ten

We've got Monday off of school-- President's Day. The day off will be welcome-- Saturday and Sunday should be some of the busiest nights of the year at the restaurant-- Valentine's Day.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to hanging out tonight with my old friend and college roommate Scott.

1. Lovers In A Dangerous Time- Bruce Cockburn
2. Baby, Baby- Quicksilver Messenger Service
3. Peter Gunn- Duane Eddy
4. The Prisoner- The Clash
5. I Will Dare- The Replacements
6. Long Tall Glasses- Leo Sayer
7. Wild Horses- The Flying Burrito Brothers
8. Cry Baby- Janis Joplin
9. There's No Way Out of Here- David Gilmour
10. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby- The Beatles

1. One of my favorite tunes ever, about loving someone while fighting the good fight in society.
2. One of the many great bands that came out of San Francisco in the 1960's.
3. One of the great instrumental hits of all time.
4. This was on "Black Market Clash" originally, a collection of Clash b-sides and outtakes.
5. Man, these guys still sound great.
6. A guilty pleasure, from the '70's.
7. The late, great Gram Parsons with one of the best Stones covers ever.
8. Janis Joplin was a national treasure.
9. From Pink Floyd guitarist/singer Gilmour's first solo album, which came out in 1978.
10. The Beatles at their most rockabilly, from "Beatles For Sale."


SkylersDad said...

My high school band tried to do Peter Gunn, and it wasn't pretty. When I hear it now, I am transported back in time to that moment, and have to go blast some Ozzie to get it out of my head.

Anonymous said...

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Erik Donald France said...

Peter Gunn is irresistible, isn't it? Oh yeah, I remember Black Market Clash, that was pretty cool. Happy TET!

Churlita said...

I love Duane Eddy. I have Rebel Rouser by him on my iPod and it makes me so happy when it plays.