Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Oh Boy, Is THIS GREAT!"

To paraphrase Flounder, from Animal House, "Oh boy, is THIS GREAT!

Came home from work tonight to see that Mitt Romney had won the Republican straw polls. I've dreamed that the Republicans would nominate someone so unelectable-- a guy who is so far out of the mainstream, yet has pissed the whacko fringe that is controlling his own party off by being pro-choice in the past.

I'll sleep well tonight.


MacGuffin said...

He looks so much the part it scares me in that people are so damned superficial in their decision making. The "wanna have beer with" kind of reasoning. He's the reigning King of flip floppers in the modern era but will that matter if he's slick enough?

Beth said...

I just saw that myself. I giggled happily.

Beth said...

As opposed to giggling sadly.

And I claim to be a grammarian ...

Jess Wundrun said...

Actually, I was hoping for Giuliani because he would tear the republican party apart.

The republicans cannot get elected unless the fundies back their candidate. So the question is: would a Left-behind baptist plug his nose and vote for a Mormon or plug his nose and vote for a thrice married New York lib'rul. (To the fundies, Giuliani is liberal).

Skylers Dad said...

I don't know, doesn't president Mitt just roll of the tongue?

Or maybe that was a bit of bile, can't be too sure.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

His name is Mitt? Your politicians have the strangest names.

Glad to see that they are cementing their own demise though!

BeckEye said...

Well I, like many people, will be voting for any Democrat (even Hillary...*shiver*) this election, even though I'm an Indpendent who hates all politicians equally. Although I'm totally in love with Mike Gravel. He's a little bit crazy, and I really dig that. Unfortunately, I don't think he stands a chance against Hillary and Barack.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Any douchebag could win a straw poll he paid millions for. And it looks like one did.

Anonymous said...

The bumpersticker on the Mitt Mobile? "I'm spending my children's inheritance in a big fucking way."

yournamehere said...

Before you get ahead of yourself, I remember thinking in 1999 "George W. Bush? Ha! A one-term President's fuck up son? He doesn't have a chance."

Well, eight years later, I'm not laughing anymore.

MacGuffin said...

yournamehere said...
Before you get ahead of yourself, I remember thinking in 1999 "George W. Bush? Ha! A one-term President's fuck up son? He doesn't have a chance."

Well, eight years later, I'm not laughing anymore.


Johnny Yen said...

I second-guessed myself afterward thinking that too. Hell, I remember think and discussing with friends about how bad a candidate GWB the First was, and how it was Dukakis' election to lose.

My son Adam and I had a discussion about that tonight. He said he was surprised how poorly Guliani did (my god, is he really only 13 years old?), and I reminded him of the demographics involved-- that Rudy doesn't necessarily play well in the Midwest-- he's construed as a "liberal" because he's pro-choice.

You are so right on with that. It's going to be interesting. The conservatives portray themselves as the alternative to a Democratic party that is run by wine and cheese liberals who use the votes of the poor to get elected, but the Republicans are rich, arrogant, hypocritical bastards who use the votes of the religious hypocrites and insecure middle class people to get elected. It all seems to be coming to a head in this election.

Skyler's Dad-
Do you know how much hope it gives me that a guy like you-- a regular guy, who's a military vet, lives in a pretty conservative place, etc.-- and sees through these people?

Let's hope they're cementing they're own demise.

And for god's sake, Canada has leaders with strange names, like "Brian"*

Yeah, I'm liking Gravel more and more. Hillary has worked really hard to make herself unlikeable to us Dems, hasn't she?

Yeah, didn't that say it all about his party and his ilk?


Yeah, I've had the same thought, about 200 times in the last 8 years.

As a student of history, though, I take the long view. I think this has made middle class people everywhere figure out exactly where these fucking people, the people who have been running things the last almost-eight years, come from. They come from having their heads up their asses, being rich or both.

I think this has made a lot of liberals stop slashing out at other liberals. Liberals, of course, being defined as "anybody not to the right of Goebbels."

When he was still alive, arch-conservative Barry Goldwater warned the Republicans that they'd gone too far to the right. This was, as I was fond of saying, like Keith Richards telling you that you needed to take it easy on the drugs.

I think that middle America needs to take a strong hard look at things right now. If they go the wrong direction, I think that we'll go down in history as just another failed civilization.

*My real first name.