Thursday, August 30, 2007

Welcome to Minnesota, Eh?

This morning, the alarm went off at 5:30. I ate breakfast and showered, and we were out the door by 6:45. We picked Adam up at my ex's by 7:15. There was a little traffic on the Kennedy, but by the time we hit the tollway portion, bypassing the toll booths (thanks Ipass!), we made great time. We made it to Minneapolis by about 2:30.

I made it about four hours before Kim took over the driving-- I was exhausted. I was on call last night at work, and indeed, was called in. Not a bad thing. One table alone tipped me $100, I had a party of eight people in town for an archivists' convention-- picture librarians-- and some other good tables. In the end, I made a nice bundle of money-- it should pay for our gas money this weekend. I worked until about 11:30, and got to bed about 1:30. The 5:30 wake-up was rough.

The conversation on the way up was lively-- no shrinking violets in my family. We talked about my new job, politics (surprise), and conversation eventually turned to blogging, including the fact that I've hardly blogged in the last couple of weeks. Adam and Kim were singing the praises of Dr. Monkerstein's blog-- praise I'm prone to agree with. His mix of the humorous and the political is exceptional. Adam suggested we try to meet up with Monkerstein the next time we visit my parents in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I managed to doze off for an hour and woke up to Kim and my son having a conversation about my snoring.

Right now, Kim's across the street at Costco buying a few things, and I'm downstairs at the hotel watching Adam and Mel in the pool. The hotel charges for wi-fi, but I'm getting it free from someone in the area. Way cool!

School is still going well. We're covering some chemistry, including organic chemistry, before heading into biology. It's amazing how much easier this stuff is this time around.

I'm looking forward to seeing my in-laws. It's funny when I hear horror stories about in-laws. I love mine-- they're wonderful people.

It's funny how little things can make you happy. I'm happy to have a laptop again. I'm not hung up on material things-- I drive a 14-year-old rusty truck. But my laptop is a center of communications in my life-- blogging, email, reading the New York Times. Work is going well, I've started school finally, and have put a tough year behind me. My family is doing well. I'm tired, but feel better than I've felt in a long time.


Skylers Dad said...

But JY, you didn't answer the question everyone wants to know... Are you twisting by the pool?

Johnny Yen said...


When I was in college, my roommates and I had a wading pool on the deck behind our apartment and had a pool party. We actually had that Dire Straits song playing at one point and people we in the wading pool dancing.

Beth said...

Have a great, relaxing weekend! Gawd, you deserve it.

I love it when I can surf off someone else's WiFi.

Distributorcap said...

organic chemistry -- oh my how i hated that class!

good vacation and good luck

Valerie said...

I'm one of those lucky people, I like my in-laws too.

Have a great vacation!

A Ghost's Story said...

unless you're out deer hunting, 5:30 is an absolutely inhuman hour to be getting out of bed-- your blood is still at low tide.

*I* want to be a picture librarian!! Where do I sign up??

What's the weather like o'er there? I understand Garrison Keillor is doing his show from the state fair this weekend, which always says "autumn" to me...

cheer34 said...

I loved my father in law, mother in law not so much, step mother in law was ok til Father in law died, then we saw the real step mother in law, funny how money changes people.

LOVE G Man's sister!

GETkristiLOVE said...

Kids can't resist a hotel pool.

Once, my sister and I went to Washington State to see the Pacific Ocean for the very first time with my Grandmother. We were kind of scared to go into the ocean, and it was so cold, so we ended up in the hotel pool. Ever since then, we call hotel pools "chicken pools".

Johnny Yen said...

It's just the cat's meow, isn't it? And it's only fair-- I know that a couple of neighbors, including my landlord, use my wi-fi.

Distributor Cap-

I actually had an organic chemistry class in high school-- 29 years ago! We're only touching on it in this class. I'll have to take the actual class in a couple of semesters.


A Ghost's Story-
My wife just mentioned that a couple of hours ago-- we're going to the fair tomorrow, and she expressed the regret that we'll miss that. However, she's excited that Al Franken will be there tomorrow.

I think I remember you mentioning that before. As the song says, "Money changes everything..."

Yeah, I remember family vacations-- how my brothers and I couldn't wait to get into the pool. I forgot to pack my swimming trunks-- a freudian slip if there ever was one. Kim bought me one at Costco, so no excuses. I guess, though, it'll allow me to get into the jacuzzi. My bones are aching-- I'd forgotten how hard on your body being a server is.

Erik Donald France said...

Congrats on one year and on your Labor Day break, Johnny and fam!

Glad the archivists were decent tippers. Goodie~!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's all about making choices about what is important to your life, isn' it? Laptop yes, fancy assed car, who cares?

Have a fantastic holiday with your awesome fmaily.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That's one smart wife and kid you got there Johnny. I'd be glad to hang with you folks if when you come down to visit the parents. Shoot me an email and the gf and I will meet you somewhere, you sound like our kind of people.

Chris said...

Have a great trip, JY! Be sure to play plenty of union hymns while you're in the car in honor of Labor Day. Let that jacuzzi melt away the stresses of last year.

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