Friday, September 21, 2007

The "Strange Days" Friday Random Ten

I was talking to my co-workers at the restaurant (Jury's) last night and the general consensus was that it's been a strange week. It was for me for sure, and I'll leave it at that.

One of those strange things was when I got a call yesterday at about 4 PM from a co-worker from when I worked at the alternative high school. Apparently what started out as a fight between two girls escalated into a full-blown riot, spilling out into the street, involving over a hundred students and people in the neighborhood. The staff was unable to leave for an hour after dismissal. I'm glad I missed it. I'm glad I made the decision to leave.

1. Stone Junkie- Curtis Mayfield
2. Sister Moonshine- Supertramp
3. It's Different For Girls- Joe Jackson
4. Concrete Jungle- The Specials
5. The Ballad of Jerry Curlin- The Angry Samoans
6. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight- Bob Dylan
7. A Thing Called Love- Johnny Cash
8. A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request- Steve Goodman
9. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall- Bob Dylan
10. Don't Let It Break You Down- Graham Parker

1. From People Get Ready, the fantastic Curtis Mayfield box set.
2. A guilty pleasure-- I love earlier Supertramp. I've been hearing this one in a commercial lately.
3. One of my favorite Joe Jackson tunes.
4. "You're goin' home in a f*ckin' ambulance." I've mentioned before my friend Suzy asking a member of the Specials what that chant was at the beginning.
5. Great eighties post-punk. My college roommate Jim's punk band, DUI, did a version of this, substituting the name of Barry Shawgo, a hated, asskissing, hypocritical member of the student senate at our college. That's a story I'll have to tell soon.
6. Robert Palmer and UB40 collaborated to do a nice cover of this song in the early nineties (see below).
7. It's Johnny Cash-- what more do I need to say?
8. Goodman, a die-hard Cubs fan, wrote and recorded this one after he found out that his leukemia, which had been in remission for years, had returned. Ironically, he died a month before the Cubs made the playoffs in 1984. Of course, if he would have been glad he missed their pathetic performance in those playoffs.
9. I mentioned this song in a post earlier this week. One of my life goals is to memorize the lyrics to this song very visual song.
10. I kept hearing Graham Parker all day today. That's not a bad thing.


Beth said...

I must brag: I'm going to see Bob Dylan tomorrow night — with Elvis Costello and Amos Lee as the openers! — and some setlists have included "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall." I'm too excited for words.

Beth said...

Great story about Steve Goodman. I don't know that song — but I'll be downloading it this weekend.

Bubs said...


"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."

here's to the end of a strange week.

Your list is brilliant. Concrete Jungle is a favorite, and the Dylan choice is one of my ALL TIME favorite songs. I just love the mood and feeling of it.

Toccata said...

What the hell is that on comment section from yesterday's post? That anonymous post aside I am a huge Joe Jackson fan. I have absolutely adored him ever since my university days.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's a grand list with which to start a weekend. Like Toccata, I loved Joe Jackson in university. In the pre-internetz dark ages, we didn't hear a lot of the cool stuff, but he was a definite bright spot (along with Elvis Costello).

Skylers Dad said...

Oooo, I love Joe Jackson. My favorite album of his is Beat Crazy.

lulu said...
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lulu said...
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lulu said...

Graham Parker is a very Lulu thing to have on your shuffle (actually, it's a very Steve thing to have, you know my friend Steve? as in Jane&Steve)

lulu said...
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MacGuffin said...

So, why did one small fight break out into a fullblown riot? Was it race or gang related? (sorry, too lazy to google it) I can't imagine why you'd not miss something like that. No wonder the gray hairs.

Johnny Yen said...

Brag away, you lucky gal! Can't wait for the review.

I've seen Dylan twice-- the last time right around the time Adam was born. Both times were great. Have yet to see Elvis.

I was lucky enough to see Goodman twice while he was still alive, including once with his best friend John Prine.

The Hunter S. Thompson quote was just what I needed!

I've seen that spam on a couple of other blogs now.

Joe's long been a favorite of mine as well.

I had a college roomie who was a big fan of Joe Jackson, so I had access to his albums. Have you ever heard his cover of Eleanor Rigby? If not, email me at and I'll email it to you.

Skyler's Dad-
That one's a favorite of mine too! Love the song "One To One," especially.

I've dug Graham Parker since high school-- "Passion Is No Ordinary Word," "Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me No Questions" and others. The Mona Lisa's Smile album in 1988 or so was a big comeback for him.

It escalated in all liklihood down gang lines. The gang in the neighborhood the school is in is a small one and one of the big ones in Chicago is trying to move in. It's amazing-- their world is entirely in that neighborhood. They have no idea how idiotic their actions and loyalties are.

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