Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Have A Feeling We'll Be Seeing These On Bubs' Blog Soon...

Headlines in the New York Times Online today:

Cops Stun Man With Live Chicken in Trunk

Man Dies After Head - Butt by Armless Man

These fall under some of Narcozoology pioneer Bubs' many areas of expertise-- among them, drug-addled criminals, animals and armless criminals. Sometimes you have to know when to defer to an expert.


Beth said...

The armless man story is not the first episode of "The Fugitive" — it happened in one of our 'burbs. Seems the dead guy actually had a heart attack. And the armless dude is a greeting-card artist.

Skylers Dad said...

If the headline was just:
Cops Stun Man With Live Chicken

Now there's a story!!

Bubs said...

I'm glad you gave them a mention. I have fallen down on the job lately.

Fortunately, in this big ol' world we live in, a fresh news cycle will bring new stories to which I'll pay the proper amount of attention.