Friday, November 16, 2007

Feelin' All Right Friday Random Ten

Got to work today to discover I've been scheduled for a couple of nights next week. That's good news-- nights are very lucrative.

Adam and his mother flew to China for a ten day stay yesterday. They're going to visit the village that his grandparents grew up in the Canton region of China, then fly to Beijing and see the Forbidden City, Tiannenmen Square, the Great Wall and other sights. I bought him a digital camera for the trip, so he should have some great pictures on his blog when he gets back. It'll be the trip of a lifetime. I'm glad that he's getting to go with his mother. I think it'll be good for her as well; though she's of 100% Chinese ancestry, she's never been to China.

Kim picked up that I was a little pensive about the trip. When I travelled overseas for the first time, right around the time Adam was born, when I went to Germany, it was the experience of a lifetime. To be in another country-- you realize how different a place and people can be. Looking back, I realize that I came back a very different person. That also happened when I went to China in 2002. I realize that he's going to come back a different person. A little more of my little boy will disappear, and a little more of a young man will come back.

Without further ado, my Friday Random Ten:

1. Used Cars- Bruce Springsteen
2. Give Me Just A Little More Time- Chairmen of the Board
3. Anniversary Song- Cowboy Junkies
4. Diddy Blah Diddy- The Sonics
5. Badge- Cream
6. Southern Nights- Glen Campbell
7. Minute By Minute- The Doobie Brothers
8. Welcome To The Boomtown- David and David
9. Bay of Kids- The Uptown Rulers
10. Girl From The North Country- Pete Townsend

1. From the great Nebraska album
2. A seventies hit.
3. Love these guys. I saw them with my friend Mark back in 1990 or so. I love the line "And you can have it all for a cup of coffee and a wedding ring..."
4. By Seattle legends The Sonics.
5. One of my favorite-ever songs. George Harrison co-wrote it and played guitar.
6. One of the few Glen Campbell songs I didn't like, but it grew on me over the years.
7. This was after the Doobies got kind of poppish, but I love the line "You think I'm your fool/You may just be right."
8. This song is so eighties!
9. This was a great ska band from central Illinois. This is digitized from vinyl.
10. A great live Pete Townsend cover of a Bob Dylan song.


Beth said...

Wonderful, eclectic mix, Mr. Yen. Did you air guitar during "Badge"? I always do.

I envy Adam. What a wonderful trip - and at such a great age.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Adam's a lucky guy. He is never going to forget that trip!

Distributorcap said...

good for Adam --- going to see such important and wonderful sites --- and for he and his mom to learn about their heritage is so important

yes he will come back a little more a young man -- and that is a great thing

Dale said...

Travel provides such a great education, lucky fellow!

I like that Cowboy Junkies song too, they're still around and seem to be enjoying themselves.

SkylersDad said...

Adam is quite lucky to get to go to China. Great idea to get him a camera, I look forward to the pics!

And Cream was awesome!

Johnny Yen said...

I didn't air guitar on that great solo this time, but as always, I had to stop what I was doing when it started to listen to it.

Thanks, he is. It'll be the trip of a lifetime. He's going with a lot of his extended family on his mother's side, so it'll be particularly special.

Yes, it is a good thing. That's the funny thing about being a parent-- your success at your job is measured in you eventually not being needed.

Yes, I think they swung through Chicago not too long ago. They seem to put out a really great song every 3 or 4 years.

Skyler's Dad-
Yes, they were! I nearly wore out my dad's lp of Disraeli Gears. When I listened to it, I couldn't wait for the great "wah-wah" guitar solo in "Tales of Brave Ullyses."

Dale said...

Or when in doubt, they re-release The Trinity Sessions which I believe they just did again! Ah, Sweet Jane.