Friday, November 09, 2007

It Might Be A Giant Friday Random Ten

It was a long, productive week. Worked a double yesterday (both jobs, one shift each), busy day today. We (Kim, the kids and I) had a great time this evening with our friends Gregg and Christina, celebrating their 25th anniversary and her birthday.

I postponed my Random Ten until my drive to work today because Lin Brehmer had John and John from They Might Be Giants on this morning. As I listened to the interview and performance, I pondered the fact that while Lulu and TenS think I know everybody, it's actually Lulu who's the raconteur-- she's friends with both Mr. Brehmer and the Johns.

1. Where Have All The Good Times Gone- The Kinks
2. Good Morning, Good Morning- The Beatles
3. Running Down a Dream- Tom Petty
4. Obsession- Animotion
5. Self Control- Raf
6. I Can't Quit You Babe- Led Zeppelin
7. Autobahn- Kraftwerk
8. Misty Green and Blue- UFO
9. Shelter From The Storm- Bob Dylan
10. Ten Years Gone- Led Zeppelin

1. One of the great opening riffs in rock history.
2. From Sgt. Pepper.
3. Another great rock opening riff. Great video, too.
4. This song is so eighties, isn't it?
5. This was a big pop hit for Laura Brannigan here in the U.S. This is the original-- very European and very dark (see vid below)
6. from Zeppelin's first album.
7. The full 22+ minute version of a song called "Highway" in German, from a band called "Factory" in German. I skipped past it after 7 or 8 minutes.
8. Seventies arena rock. I never noticed until I was playing it loud in my truck today that the MP3 I have is from vinyl-- you could hear the pops and clicks. I felt nostalgic.
9. This was one of the songs I learned guitar to play for. I was shocked to find out it had only two chords. Still a beautiful song.
10. Got the Led out twice today. When I finally read Hammer Of The Gods a few years back, I learned that this song was about one of Robert Plant's old girlfriends who died. That's all right-- he still had about 3,000 ex-girlfriends left.


Monica said...

Are you gonna see TMBG at the Vic tomorrow? It'll be 10 yrs. since the 1st time I ever saw them, also at the Vic.

lulu said...

"know" is a strong word.

Hot Lemon said...

hey, wasn't it 20 years ago today that Sgt. Peppah told da' band 2-play??

or is that next month??

Splotchy said...

Only seven minutes of Autobahn? I'm in that song for the long haul.

Dale said...

I remembered the beat and tune of Self Control and didn't know that there was an original, cool.

Erik Donald France said...

Oh yeah -- I dig 'em all!

And Sex Pistols are tourin' again.

Life is sweet.

Johnny Yen said...

I have yet to see them, believe it or not! They used to play, in the mid-eighties, at a great club called Gaspar's, which is now Schuba's. I somehow never got around to seeing them, as much as I wanted to, and as many times as I went to Gaspar's.

Yeah, not like in the biblical sense. Not everybody, at least.

Hot Lemon-
Actually, it was 40 years ago this June!

Here's the irony-- it started just as I got in the car. It would have played through my entire 25 minute or so drive.

I liked Laura Brannigan's version, though it was a little middle of the road. Raf's version is much more dark.

I saw that they're touring! Did you see them on the Tonight show the other night? I missed them, but apparently it's on Youtube.