Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Wednesday Occasional Forgotten Video: Jane Child's "Don't Wanna Fall In Love"

In 1990, I was rooming with my lifelong friend Dobie in one of the coolest apartments I ever lived in. I was working construction, reading a lot and hot damn, we had cable. And MTV and VH1 still played videos. This was a vid I really dug for some reason. I didn't quite buy Jane Child's "punk" look, but I liked the message-- that when you're not looking for love, that's when it happens.


BeckEye said...

Oh, good Lord. I actually did forget about this one until just now.

I remember she had that weird ear-to-nose chain, just like Rachel Bolan from Skid Row. Every time I would see either one of them, I would automatically wonder what it would feel like if they snagged the chain on something and yanked it out. Then I would wince in pain. I hated them for putting me through that. :)

Hot Lemon said...

I tried love once. I didn't know what I had goin' for me an' I fucked it up and lost it.

I've been in a downhill spiral e'er since...