Monday, June 16, 2008

More Negativity For Splotchy

I've always got my eye peeled for negative sign space for Splotchy's Negative Signage Space side-blog. Tonight, as I was driving home from my second job, in Evanston, I passed a Chicago institution, the S & C Electric Company, at 6601 N. Ridge, in Chicago. In the many, many times I've driven by the plant, I'd never noticed that the sign near their front gate is a great example of Negative Signage. I pulled my truck over into a nearby parking lot, jumped out of the car and got a picture.

The S & C Electric Company is somewhat of an anomaly; a manufacturing plant that is left on Chicago's rapidly gentrifying North Side. They produce parts for all kinds of electrical things, including, as I ran a search on them, parts for windpower plants; tres cool! They also provide good-paying union jobs for lots of blue-collar folk. Even cooler.

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Splotchy said...

Mr. Yen, thank you so much!

This was one of the first places I ever noticed negative space signage, but I had yet to make it over to document it.

It's one of my favorite signs.