Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summer School Friday Random Ten

Summer school started Wednesday. I'm taking Microbiology-- the serious classes have started. I even have a lab coat now-- post to follow.

1. Scarlett Begonias- The Grateful Dead
2. Strawman- Lou Reed
3. The Usual- John Hiatt
4. Understand Your Man- Johnny Cash
5. Lovers In A Dangerous Time- Bruce Cockburn
6. Mansion On The Hill- Bruce Springsteen
7. Two Little Hitlers- Elvis Costello
8. Kalasnjikov- Boris Bregovic
9. Trouble Man- Marvin Gaye
10. Love Rears It's Ugly Head- Living Color


Erik Donald France said...

Trouble Man -- one of the greatest songs ever!

Two Little Hitlers still makes me laugh ;-> as does . . . Understand Your Man . . . (think on it . . .)

Dale said...

Always one of my favourite Elvis album covers. Great tunes too. Have you ever heard the Barenaked Ladies version of the Cockburn song?