Friday, July 18, 2008

The Nearly Home Friday Random Ten

Turned in my Standard Plate Count lab online late last night after work, and now all that's left before Tuesday is my test on 75 pathogens, my lab practical, in which I have to do a gram stain of a bacteria and a couple of other procedures and turn in my lab report on my unknown, now known as E. coli. That's all.

And looking at my list of songs-- none of them younger than 20 years old-- it reminds me that I've got a bunch of recently acquired newer music I've got to load onto my ipod.

1. Beyond the Sea- Bobby Darin
2. Amos Moses- Jerry Reed
3. Breakdown- The Alan Parsons Project
4. Don't Look Back- The Remains
5. You Can't Get What You Want ('Til You Know What You Want)- Joe Jackson
6. Mission of Mercy- The Motels
7. Bad Company- Bad Company
8. Midnight Rambler- The Rolling Stones
9. How Many More Times?- Led Zeppelin
10. The Forgotten Years- Midnight Oil

1. Love this one. They used it in a particularly creepy X-Files episode, and I now think of that when I hear it.
2. From sometime actor Jerry Reed.
3. Alan Parsons was a studio engineer with some big albums to his credit-- most notably Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album-- and formed a band in the late seventies. The singer on this song was the Hollies' Alan Clarke.
4. From the fabulous "Nuggets" collection of garage rock.
5. I associate this song with the summer of 1984.
6. A lesser-known but great song by the Motels, who had a few hits in the mid-eighties.
7. The eponymous song for this group.
8. One of the great albums and album covers from this group.
9. I posted last week about the other kind of Zeppelin. This group got its name from the Who's Keith Moon quipping that the newly formed group would go over "like a lead balloon."
10. Peter Garrett, who was the singer for Midnight Oil, is now a member of the Australian House of Representatives, for the Labor Party.


Suze's Sass said...

Lovin' Bad Company. I'm going to listen to it right now. Have a good weekend!

purplelar said...

Uncle Yen,

How can you forget Bad is Bad by Huey Lewis and the News for the Summer of 1984? Remember I was there!

dmarks said...

"Freedom Freedom, we will not obey". I have "Breakdown" memorized: one of my favorite songs for a while, but I have not heard it in some time. Alan Parsons will always be my 2nd favorite band/artist of all time.

Joe Jackson is one of my favorite artists: in my top ten, for sure. Check out "Big World", a real masterpiece.

I remember Gerret's "Bridges Are Burning" video. He reminded me of an eagle.

Great list !