Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Time To Get Down A Little Bit

My great lab partners and I whipped through about three and a half hours of lab work on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in an hour and a half. I got my lab write-up on antibiotics turned in online just under the wire last night at about a quarter to midnight. And I'm off of work today.

I'll be damned-- I'm all caught up. At least for ten minutes or so.

I've got to go run some errands and start studying for a lab test I have on Thursday, but for now, I'm posting post a couple of clips of the Ohio Players, a great funk band from the seventies, playing my favorite of their songs, "Fire."

The Ohio Players, as their name clues you in, were from Ohio, Dayton specifically, originally and moved to Detroit, where they got a record deal. They had several other hits, including "Love Rollercoaster," They wore their influences on their sleeves-- namely Sly and the Family Stone. What was really memorable to a fourteen or fifteen year old adolescent guy, though, was their album covers. I loved the Beatles, the Who, Hendrix and Bowie, but the Ohio Players had much better album covers. (possible exception-- the non-censored version of Hendrix' "Electric Ladyland")

Finally, I managed to catch the Ohio Players on one of the late night rock shows-- the Midnight Special or Don Kirschner's show, I don't remember which, and saw them perform Fire and was hooked.

Oh, and did I mention the album covers? I've only included the front cover. For more fun, run a search on their "Fire" and "Honey" albums and look for the unfolded front and back covers. With the Ohio Players around, who needed girlie magazines?

I've included two vids on this post. The first has the studio version, fire alarms and all, lip-synched. The second, from the Midnight Special, is long.

Go ahead. Play them. Dance around the office. Tell them you have Johnny Yen's permission. Don't mind the funny looks from your co-workers.


Erik Donald France said...

Hey Johnny, loved this one. I know *exactly* what you mean about the covers. I had no idea they "made it" in Detroit. Yeahdawg!

Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said...

This reminds me of a Calvin & Hobbs strip where Calvin buys an album with something indecent on the cover, but then throws the LP away in the trash. He says something to Hobbes about how he only bought it to give his mom heart attacks and the music was cruddy.

My god, the things I missed out on when I wsa a kid! I like Electric Ladyland better than either of the other!! (though I too would probably have just thrown the LP out and kept the cover).

I bought an album once for the art: Elton John's "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy." Look on the back towards the left for the nude woman with a fan for a head being eaten by a venus flytrap.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Never underestimate the power of a good lab partner. Mine is the only reason I eventually passed biochem.