Friday, December 12, 2008

The Downright Cold Friday Random Ten

I just ran out to the grocery store and damn it's cold. That hardly ever happens in Chicago in December.

Right before I went to the store, there was a helicopter hovering over my house. I assumed it was related to our felonious governor, who lives just a few blocks away. It's been an exciting week in the neighborhood. A lot of conversations have included the phrase "How could he be that f*cking stupid?"

1. Hungry For You- The Police
2. There But For Fortune- Phil Ochs
3. The Village Green Preservation Society- The Kinks
4. Family, Work, Neighborhood, Peace, Love- Phil 'n the Blanks
5. She Belongs To Me- Bob Dylan
6. Daydream Believer- The Monkees
7. Bus Stop- The Hollies
8. Steppin' Out- Joe Jackson
9. Boogie Shoes- K.C. and the Sunshine Band
10. Another Man Done Gone- Johnny Cash and Anita Carter

1. Sting sings in French on this one to show us, you know, that he's a real smart guy.
2. This is Phil Ochs' best-known song-- Joan Baez had a hit with it.
3. Not a hit for the Kinks, but one of my favorite of their many quirky songs.
4. A Chicago band that were among the first to issue videos. This is was taken from vinyl.
5. Rick Nelson had a hit with his version of this ironic song.
6. I know that they were the "Prefab Four," but I still love them. My stepdaughter and I always sing along with this one when it comes on satellite radio.
7. Graham Nash has slagged his work with the Hollies, but I think they put out some marvelous pop hits.
8. Can this song be over a quarter century old? It came out in 1982. The video will be a future "Occasional Forgotten Video."
9. There's a great scene in the movie "Detroit Rock City" with this song.
10. Nice to round out my Random Ten with the Man In Black.


Mnmom said...

Cold here too.
I think Gov. B is that stupid - that or all that hair has sent roots into his brain.

Monica said...

You just got 2 of my karaoke hits. Daydream Believer and Steppin Out. One comes with choreography, the other...impromptu ridiculous "dances". I love em both.

And yes Blago is a fool. If it weren't so appalling yet at the same time not very surprising, it would be hilarious. Aw hell, I've been laughing a lot.

Bubs said...

"She Belongs to Me" is a favorite. I love the sound, the words, all of it.

Phil n' the Blanks--wow, that takes me back.

Erik Donald France said...

The Kinks really pull at the heartstrings. "Village Green" and "Animal Farm" -- and on and on.

dmarks said...

I have so many Joe Jackson albums. He used to be whiter than Michael. Now it is the other way around.