Friday, January 16, 2009

The Below-Zero Friday Random Ten

It's 17 below zero here in Chicago-- and that's without the wind chill. We've had more snow already than we usually have in an entire winter. I'm officially tired of winter.

1. Someday Baby- Bob Dylan
2. Take Me Down To Lover's Row- Robert Mitchum
3. Ringo- Lorne Greene
4. Self Control- Raf
5. William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed- Phil Ochs
6. Dime Store Mystery- Lou Reed and John Cale
7. It's a Family Affair- Sly and the Family Stone
8. I Generate A Feeling- Pete Shelley
9. X-Ray Style- Joe Strummer and the Mescaleroes
10. Crawling King Snake- The Doors

1. From "Modern Times."
2. Yes, that Robert Mitchum
3. Yes, that Lorne Greene. He had a hit single with this one.
4. The darker original version of the song later covered by an American singer.
5. Phil Ochs' cryptic and bitter song about the 1968 Democratic Convention demonstrations.
6. Lou Reed and John Cale musing about their friend Andy Warhol's last moments.
7. Man, I love this band.
8. From Buzzcocks frontman Pete Shelley's 1981 solo album
9. Man, I still miss Joe Strummer. I think I always will.
10. The Doors covering John Lee Hooker. From the great "LA Woman" album.


Mnmom said...

I used to love listening to my big brothers Sly and the Family Stone records - "I wanna take ya HIGHER!".

Isn't this weather miserable?? How can something so visually lovely be so frickin dangerous? My asthma doesn't like this at all.

SkylersDad said...

I didn't think that anyone else had ever heard of Ringo!! Too funny!

Bubs said...

Trying to boogie off the frostbite with a few of those choices, huh? I have to leave to go to court in an hour and I'm steeling myself to step back outside.

Erik Donald France said...

Cool tracks. I just finished Suze Rotolo's memoir of the 60s, and Phil Ochs is in it, as well as Dylan. I was thrilled to read how she challenged the travel ban and made it to Cuba and met Che and Castro. That was quite a revelation.