Friday, January 23, 2009

Breathing Easy Friday Random Ten

The meds I got for my newly-diagnosed asthma are kicking in quick. It's funny how you don't know how bad you felt until you're feeling better again.

I got my nursing school application in on time, and will probably have to wait until May to hear whether I got in or not. My chances are pretty good-- my grades and test scores in reading and math are good, but in the end, there's a lottery. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

1. Medicine Show- Big Audio Dynamite
2. Mansion On the Hill- Bruce Springsteen
3. Self Control- Raf
4. Teenage Depression- Eddie and the Hot Rods
5. World Party- The Waterboys
6. White Wedding- Billy Idol
7. Cowboy Song- Thin Lizzy
8. Rock Me On the Water- Jackson Browne
9. Stop the Clock- The Blasters
10. Broadway Hotel- Al Stewart

1. I used to hear this one a lot in the punk clubs back in the day. BAD was headed up by former Clash member Mick Jones.
2. I love this haunting little number from Nebraska.
3. I've got over 5,000 songs on my ipod and this one repeated from last week. As I mentioned, it's the dark original of a song later blanded out by Laura Brannigan.
4. One of my favorites-- you'll find it on the "No Thanks" collection of '70's punk.
5. From the great "Fisherman's Blues" album, one of my favorites of the nineties.
6. I love the scene in "The Wedding Singer" with Billy Idol.
7. I loves me some Thin Lizzy.
8. Jackson Browne getting spiritual.
9. The closing track on The Blasters' first self-titled album. It's available these days on Testament, the complete collection of all the recordings The Blasters did for Slash records.
10. Al Stewart's Year of the Cat was one of the first records I ever bought when I was a teenager. I still love it.


FranIAm said...

You had me at Medicine Show. I used to hear it at punk clubs too.

Which is fine but also a bit face reddening for me as I am about 10 years older than you.

I was always age inappropriate about music. Deep sigh.

dmarks said...

I love "Mansion on the Hill" by Neil Young. But I know it is not the same song.

Dale said...

I will try and keep my fingers crossed until May but will probably need a couple of short breaks in there. Good luck!

Cheer34 said...

Asthma sucks! I have allergic (well that is what i call it) asthma. Birds, rabbits, cats and tobacco smoke can cause me to have an episode if I am exposed to those things for a period of time. G man had to give away his parrots when we were first married....we found out the hard way that the parrots we had were the main cause of my asthma....I spent 5 days in hospital becasue I could not breathe.....

Finger crossed for you .....good luck wishes sent your way too.

Churlita said...

Love the playlist. I saw Joe Strummer's Clash after he split with Mick Jones and before BAD. It was still a great show.

Love the Cowboy song and Thin Lizzy in general.

Erik Donald France said...

BAD was strange with cool flourishes. "Who the hell is that! One bastard goes in another comes out." "Get three coffins ready."

Oh yeah, "Japanese Air Attack!"

All those movie snippets interwoven thorughout, love that.

"Duck you suckahs!"

GETkristiLOVE said...

Breathe Easy is a great name for a mix, someone should steal it for their album.

lulu said...

Medicine Show is a fab song.

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well.