Friday, January 09, 2009

Transitional Friday Random Ten

Some work changes coming up. I parted amicably with my Evanston employer in order to be able to shift my schedule at my main job. I was only working one shift a week there, and frequently not even that. Thanks again to my friends Lulu and Ten-S for helping me get that job when I needed it.

I don't go back to school until the 20th. My friend Leslie has lent me the textbook for Anatomy, which she's taken already. This will save me a nice chunk of change. Another nice turn someone did me this week was the woman who deals with the transcripts at North Central College. I discovered that my school hadn't recieved (or had lost) the transcripts I'd sent from North Central. I need to prove that I've had a college math class, and I took Calculus there 30 years ago. Despite the fact that they normally charge $15 for expedited requests and the fact that it was a hectic time, the beginning of the term, she sent it right out. I had her send it to me. It arrived Thursday. On Monday, I'll put it in the hands of the people at the registrar's office and my application to nursing school will be complete.

1. Harborcoat- REM
2. Starry Eyes- The Records
3. We Will Not Be Lovers- The Waterboys
4. Send In the Clowns- Judy Collins
5. Shakin'- Eddie Money
6. I Ain't Got No Home- Bruce Springsteen
7. Rattlesnakes- Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
8. The Great Defender (Down At The Arcade)- Lou Reed
9. The Righteous and the Wicked- Red Hot Chili Peppers
10. Donna- David Johansen

1. From Reckoning, my favorite REM album.
2. A great one-hit wonder from the late seventies.
3. Do yourself a favor and get "Fisherman's Blues."
4. Actually, on January 20th, we're sending out the clowns.
5. I must admit, I loved most of Eddie Money's hits.
6. Springsteen doing a powerful Woody Guthrie song about a man broken by the Great Depression.
7. Title track to my favorite Lloyd Cole album.
8. Lou Reed's homage to video games from his great 1984 album "New Sensations."
9. I still love "Bloodsugarsexmagic."
10. Thought that Elvis and David Bowie were the only great rockers who had a birthday today? Guess again: Happy 59th to New York Doll David Johansen!


SkylersDad said...

Glad that things are going your way, may it continue through 2009!

Erik Donald France said...

All sounds cool. Good luck gearing up --

I have that Records' album!

Someone else noted that it's also Jimmy Page's birthday (1/9)~

Good beans, man!

lulu said...

I was at the Knot while I was home, didn't see you OR Liz. Glad we could help you out!