Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Summer Friday Random Ten

Back in February, my coworker/friend Sarah predicted that this would be one of those years where Chicago went straight from Winter to Summer, with no stop at Spring. She was, lamentably, correct. But alas, summer is here. Long may it run.

1. Woodstock- Joni Mitchell
2. Nite Klub- The Specials
3. Back In the USSR- The Beatles
4. Dophin's Smile- The Byrds
5. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais- The Clash
6. I'm Straight- Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
7. Interstate Love Song- The Stone Temple Pilots
8. Kentucky Rain- Elvis Presley
9. Career Opportunities- The Clash
10. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts- Bob Dylan

1. CSN & Y, who were at Woodstock covered this song by Joni Mitchell, who was not there. Crazy world.
2. Love the line: "I won't dance in a club like this/All the girls are sluts and the beer tastes just like piss!"
3. This song started out as "Back in the USA," but ended up being "USSR," because the line sounded better. Right wingers were, of course, mortified.
4. The more the years go on, the more I love the music of the Byrds.
5. Probably my favorite Clash song. From their first album
6. "I'm certainly not stoned, not like Hippy Johnny..."
7. We bought this one for Rock Band recently. I sing it. It's one of my favorite-ever songs.
8. What's this? This one came up two weeks in a row in my shuffle! Good thing it's my favorite Elvis song.
9. Another one from their first album. "I hate the civil service too/I won't open letter bombs for you..."
10. Classic Dylan story-song, from Blood On The Tracks, and album that still sounds great 35 years later.


Churlita said...

I like Interstate Love Song too. Even though the lyrics are a little sparse.

I'm not sure what my favorite Elvis song would be...Maybe Suspicious Minds, or That's Alright Mama. There are several I think are pretty great.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lovely to see my boy Jonathan Richman on your playlist. My how that man can dance!

Erik Donald France said...

Good beans, man. Espresso.

Almost forgot about Stone Temple Pilots. Back in the USSR still brings a smile, even more so.

Seems like Career Opps was also redone with kids singing -- on Sandinista!

Elvis, Dylan, Joni, Beatles, wowza!

My fave Mod Lovers song will always be "Roadrunner." Hard to beat.

Johnny Yen said...

Yeah, the lyrics are a little sparse, but that riff... unforgetable.

It was funny-- I never noticed the song until '97 or '98 (it came out in '94). I wondered how I missed the song, and then realized, I'd been busy with diapers and midnight feedings, and working two jobs that year-- it was the year my son was born.

That first album is amazing-- Roadrunner, I'm Straight, Pablo Picasso, etc.

Yes, you're correct-- there's a cut of kids singing Career Opportunities on Sandinista! I actually finally got that one on cd not long ago.