Friday, January 18, 2008

A Meme From Monkerstein

The good Dr. Monkerstein tagged me (and my lovely bride) with a meme:

List five things that I never pictured being in my future when I was 25

1. A father. I was absolutely certain that I was never going to be a parent. I frankly didn't think I'd be a good parent. I probably wouldn't have been at 25. I was really pissed off and pretty irrresponsible. Fortunately, that's changed. I'm a lot happier guy, and very happy to be a parent.

2. A husband. I was dead certain that I was never going to get married. I'd witnessed so many dysfunctional marriages, and I just didn't think I'd be very good at marriage.

I did manage to get married. My first two marriages failed, but the current one seems to be doing pretty well! ; )

3. Alive. I was certain that I wasn't going to make it to 30. It turns out that I very nearly didn't-- I'll post soon about "The stupidest thing I've ever done," a story I shared with a few bloggers at the get-together at the tiki bar last month.

4. Studying Pharmacy. I thought I'd go back to school and get a pHD, but I assumed it would be in my original field, Political Science.

When I was working my first job, as a cashier at the Walgreen's in Western Springs, Illinois, my boss offered to get me into a scholarship program that they had where they'd pay my tuition to become a pharmacist if I agreed to work for them for a certain amount of time. I had no interest back then. I'd feel like I missed an opportunity, but I would never have finished the program back then, and I would have missed a ton of great experiences.

5. Living my life without my close friend Mark Evans. His murder in June of 2006 was one of the things that drove me to start this blog. I'd always assumed that he'd be one of the handful of longtime close friends that I'd grow old with. Probably 5 or 10 times a day, I see or hear something and wish I could call or email him about it. I still miss him terribly, and suspect I always will.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for playing along.

Distributorcap said...

well i for one am glad you are doing all the things todya that you didnt think you would

no matter what you write, somehow you have a very calming influence over me


Johnny Yen said...

Dr. Monkerstein-
Thanks for the tag!

That is one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me!

I know I've quoted this before, but I love that saying "Do you want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans."

SkylersDad said...

I am happy you decided to become a dad because you obviously rock at it!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'll bet our 25 year old selves would be shocked at some of the things they would see us doing or being today!

Johnny Yen said...

Coming from the best dad I know, that is high praise!

Yeah, but we all still rock, don't we?!

Erik Donald France said...

Good stuff. Reminds me of Gore Vidal quipping (quoting?), "Life is what happens on your way to doing something else."

Toccata said...

I've always liked the quote that erik wrote above. It holds a lot of truth for me. My life is certainly nothing like I would have imagined but I think it's better for it. I just want to give you a hug everytime you mention your friend Mark.

Valerie said...

I know what Distributorcap means...your writing style is very laidback and easygoing. Always a good read.

GETkristiLOVE said...

4. So what you're saying is that you can get a hold of some pretty good drugs then?!

Bubs said...

Fantastic list. I also had doubts about #3, just a little earlier than 25 years old. Whew. I'm glad you made it!

Coaster Punchman said...

I don't think we ever get over a major loss 100%. I'm sorry.