Friday, April 18, 2008


I haven't been tagged in some time. Fortunately Leazwell remedied that with this tag:

Link meme rules:

1. Must be clean, no R rated material.
2. Tell 5 people.
3. Only 5 links allowed.
4. Link back to person who tagged you.

You can link to business, favorite, affiliate sites, etc.

Here goes:


Back in 1989, I was rooming with two of my best friends from college, Dan and Mark, living in Wrigleyville, and having a grand old time. I was working at a restaurant called Minnie's, which was by Depaul University. One day, a customer left a New York Times that he'd finished. I took it home with me, and was never the same; I was stunned at how much better it was than the Chicago papers. I've subscribed to it since then, but often read the online version to catch late-breaking stories.

2. The Internet Movie Database. This sight is amazing-- you can kill a lot of time with it. whenever I do the "where have I seen that actor/actress before" thing, I go to this site and invariably have the answer in minutes.

3. Wikipedia. We have a set of good old-fashioned World Book Encyclopedias in the Yen household, but you can't beat Wikipedia for having an immense amount of entries, with an emphasis on pop culture.

4. Google. Hardly surprising, I know. But it's a great search engine.

5. Sirius Radio. If you have an account with Sirius satellite radio, you can stream it online as well. I rarely listen to anything but Little Steven's Underground Garage. A station that can play the Ramones, the Crystals, MC5, the Rolling Stones, Leslie Gore, Little Richard, Chris Farley, the Boss Martians, Dion, the Maggots, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles and the White Stripes-- all in one hour-- is the best. Sirius has every concievable genre-- sixties, jazz, blues, punk, R and B, as well as talk radio, news and everything else. It's the best $12.95 you can spend a month.

Thanks to Leazwell for the tag. In turn, I tag:

1. My son, The Evil Dictator.
2. Skyler's Dad
3. Distributorcap
4. Lulu
5. Tenacious S


Anonymous said...

A couple of months ago we started picking up the NY Times to get better insights on politics. Despite being conservatives, we found it refreshingly informative and deep. We really enjoy it.

By the way, thank you for your kind message regarding Rachael. Means a lot.

SkylersDad said...

I'm on it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't believe I missed imdb on my list, because that is such a great site. Thanks for the reminder.

lulu said...


Distributorcap said...

working on it!

Bubs said...

IMDB and Wikipedia get a lot of use around here too. Wikipedia is a great jumping off point when you're starting to look stuff up.

Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said...

wait a second-- all the sites *I* go to on Wiki are DEFINITELY R-rated!! What th' hell??

I spend all day on blogs... an' a lot more than 6 of 'em.