Monday, June 01, 2009

Never In A Million Years

Back in 1990, I was working as a bartender at a long-gone Chicago bar. They had a big "projection" television, which they usually showed sports on. One night, I made the owners put a new show, The Simpsons, on instead of sports. I was a big fan of the comic strip "Life In Hell," which, like The Simpsons, had been created by Matt Gruening. I made them put the show on because I was certain that the general public would never get Matt Gruening's humor, and that the show would tank after 5 or 6 episodes.

How wrong I was. The show is still going strong after nearly 20 years.

I was running around this morning doing errands. Among those errands was a stop at the post office to pick up stamps. To my surprise and delight, I was able to purchase the stamps pictured above. Never in a million years did I ever think...

My last stop was my local grocery store, where my bank is. While waiting in line to make a deposit, I heard a song over the piped in music that I recognized: Living Color's Cult of Personality. Never in a million years, I thought, for the second time in the day.


SkylersDad said...

Remember when the Simpsons were considered way too edgy for most people?

Bubs said...

Yes, remember all the overwrought editorials about Bart's bad attitude.

I just found our Simpsons chess game while we were cleaning up for the garage sale

Churlita said...

I stopped watching the Simpsons a while back. The first few years were great, but it seems a little played at this point. I did like the Simpsons movie, though.

I thought it was funny to hear Nirvana song on muzak.

yournamehere said...

For the first eleven or so seasons, the Simpsons was the funniest show in the history of television. Now, not so much...but I love the stamps!