Friday, June 19, 2009

X at the Double Door Tonight

X was one of those bands or musicians that pretty much defined my tribe musically-- along with Johnny Cash, The Replacements, The Blasters and a handful of others.

Pretty much everybody I know is seeing X during a four-night stand at the Double Door, in Chicago. Though I didn't say anything, Kim must have realized that I was kind of bummed out that I couldn't afford to go see them. So she got me a ticket to tonight's show for Father's Day, bless her heart.

I saw them once before, in 1987 at the Caberet Metro in Chicago. Original guitarist Billy Zoom had been replaced by Tony Gilkyson, and Exene Cerveka was 8 months pregnant with her son by now-ex-husband Viggo Mortenson. Tonight's show will have the original line-up. I have a hunch that I'll run into some folks I know.

I'm hoping they'll play my favorite of their songs tonight, "White Girl." Until then, here's a Youtube clip of them at a show from last year at the Caberet Metro.


Churlita said...

A friend of mine saw X at SxSW this year and said they were awesome.

Have fun.

lulu said...

I wanted to go to this show, but I was afraid I would fall asleep. Enjoy!

Dale said...

It's so strange that I share so many of your musical tastes but somehow remain woefully unaware of X and their influence. I always heard about them without hearing much of them. What's that about?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I can't wait to hear about the show. I love X!

Bubs said...

WE're going Saturday night

Erik Donald France said...

Super! More Fun in the New World, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blogs for quite a while, and was beginning to respect you and your comments.
HOWEVER, this quote troubles me:
"Years later Bobby returned the favor. In the middle of the fight over custody with my ex-girlfriend over my son, he saw how upset and disheartened I was getting. I was trying to finish my teaching certification while spending money hand over fist on a lawyer-- and in the middle of it, my first wife asked for a divorce."

You didn't marry the mother of your child and you weren't divorced from your wife. How much better does that make you than "BLAGO" or "BURRIS" or any of the creeps that your write about?
get your own life in order first.