Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Random Shuffle

My students continue to stay away in droves. Fortunately, I remembered to throw my headphones in my bag on the way out, and I'm shuffling away.

1. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
2. Who’s Gene Autry- Johnny Cash and June Carter
3. Quinn the Eskimo- Bob Dylan
4. Paradise City- Guns n Roses
5. Coal Miner’s Daughter- Loretta Lynn
6. If I Were a Carpenter- Tim Hardin
7. Dream Brother- Jeff Buckley
8. Too Many Bad Habits- Asleep at the Wheel
9. Mindrocker- Fenwyck
10. Beautiful Loser- Bob Seger

The Hendrix song was used to great effect in Withnail & I, one of my favorite movies ever. If you've not already seen it, do so.


lulu said...

I wish my students had stayed away so I could have caught up on my grading. I ahd at least 15-16 kids in each of my honors classes. My final class of the day only had 5 kids though, so we postponed the vocabulary test and just hung out and talked.

Anonymous said...

Jolly Fingers says he loves Beautiful Loser. Seger truly had more than a few good songs, but less than ten.

Dale said...

I think maybe I should rewatch Withnail & I, friends of mine have long loved it but I just thought, it's okay. Love the list though JY!