Friday, February 08, 2008

February Chicago Random Ten

February in Chicago is like a long, cold march. And of course this year, there's an extra day in Feburary.

Still, I'm enjoying school, though one of my teachers is a pain in the keister. It's funny to be studying Chemistry again after a nearly-thirty year break, and actually understand it this time. My stint as a construction worker when I was in my late twenties, believe or not, has helped in this regard-- I understood math a lot better after that. You never know where life's path is going to take you, or what (or who) can help you later in life.

1. Love Comes In Spurts- Richard Hell and the Voidoids
2. What Did You Do To My Life?- Neil Young
3. Walk On By- Dionne Warwick
4. The Irish Rover- The Pogues
5. Sooner Or Later One Of Us Must Know- Bob Dylan
6. Sabre Dance- Love Sculpture
7. Rock And Roll All Night- Kiss
8. Thunderbird- ZZ Top
9. These Things- Robert Cray
10. Burnin' Love- Elvis Presley

1. From the fabulous No Thanks! collecton of seventies punk. Richard Hell was married to Scandal's Patty Smythe for a while. She's married to former tennis star John McEnroe these days.
2. From Neil Young's self-titled first album.
3. One of the many fine Burt Bacharach/Hal David-penned songs.
4. The Pogues are touring again, Shane McGowan and all.
5. From the fantabulous Blonde On Blonde album.
6. Dave Edmunds' band in the late sixties, Love Sculpture had a hit with this song.
7. A guilty pleasure.
8. From the ZZ Muthaf*ckin' Top Six Pack, baby!
9. Next time you watch Animal House, during the toga party scene, check out the band, Otis Day and the Knights. The bass player was Robert Cray.
10. One of Elvis' last hits.


SkylersDad said...

No shit, Robert Cray was one of the nights? You know a bit about everything good sir!

SkylersDad said...

Oh yeah, and...

Otis! My Man!!

Grant Miller said...

Love the Bob Dylan song and the Richard Hell.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You just know it's going to be a majorly awesome weekend when you start off your Friday Random Ten with Richard Hell.

Erik Donald France said...

Excellent. And the Pogues are toruing again? Holy moly!

Mnmom said...

Ever hear of Black Heart Procession? I'm related to the lead singer.

sexy said...