Friday, February 01, 2008


Today, at work (at the Evanston place), I overheard the conversation of two customers at the bar. One of them was saying that she didn't feel that the country was ready for a woman President or a black President. If not now, when?


SamuraiFrog said...

It does seem beyond time for something like that; what really bugs me is that it took until 2008 for this to happen. AND that the media is making it an issue in 2008, as though it really matters. Aren't we past that yet?

Dr.evil said...

Race shouldn't even be an issue.

Distributorcap said...

so if we arent ready for a woman or black -- we are ready for 4 more (or 8 more) years of insane policies from either mittens or McInsane

makes total sense to me

Bubs said...

You guys don't hang out much with angry middle aged white men, do you?

I do, and let me tell you, they're all in an uproar that a liberal like McCain, with his 85% positive rating from the American Conservative Union, might get nominated.

They can't even say Obama or Clinton without sputtering.

SkylersDad said...

This country seems to be slipping backwards in time to me...

Jess Wundrun said...

Pakistan, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Nicaragua, Israel, India, Great Britain, Germany, Chile.

Of course there are more, but really, is this just another issue where we will tag behind the rest of the world?

When we pat ourselves on the back and pretend to be so enlightened, it just kills me.

I had a friend from Denmark who once said that Americans think of themselves as so liberated, yet we are much, much more tied to our Puritan background than we think.

Erik Donald France said...

I wanna see a double barrelled victory! Clinton-Obama as the 008 CRUSHER! Ooorah!

Dale said...

How ridiculous to even have to hear something like that let alone be walking around saying or thinking it.

Natalie said...

Those kind of comments really scare me.

Johnny Yen said...

As Jess Wundrun nicely points out, we're way behind in that category. Chile, a former right-wing dictatorship has a woman president, and other countries had female presidents decades ago. South-Africa, which had legal discrimination and segregration for more than a century, has had a couple of black presidents now. It's hard to believe it's an issue in our "enlightened" western nation.

Dr. Evil-
Indeed. Nor gender.

That's the genius of the right in our country; they've convinced middle class white males to enslave themselves through their own fear and vote again and again against their class interests.

The New York Times has been reported on this. Whackjob Conservative editorialist Bill Kristol wrote about it today in an editorial entitled "Dyspepsia On The Right." Apparently anyone to the left of Hitler is a bleeding heart liberal in their little universe.

Skyler's Dad-
Amazing, isn't it? Forty years after Martin Luther King's death, we are still having this discussion. Pathetic.

Your friend is right on the mark. Of course, she comes from a country that's incredibly smart-- Denmark is the world's leader in use of renewable energy resources (20%).

It's amazing, comparing the Europeans' attitudes toward the personal lives of their leaders, vs. us. In France the President's wife was openly carrying on a affair with a leading actor, and finally dumped the President, who dated and recently married a woman who's been involved with Mick Jagger. When Vaclav Havel was president of the Czech Republic and married, he was carrying on with one of the leading actresses there. When his wife died, he married his mistress, who has done nude scenes in movies. Can you imagine that happening here?

My son and I were talking about that possiblity this weekend. Wouldn't it be great? All the "Angry White Males" that Bubs mentioned would have strokes!

Even worse, Evanston is a racially mixed, very progressive community. I don't think these two are representative of that community at all.

Me too. Of course, what they were really saying is that they are not ready for it. I think the United States is.