Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Random Ten

One of my professors mentioned yesterday that midterms are approaching, in two weeks. This semester is flying by!

My main concern this week was my mother; she had a hip replacement surgery yesterday. I got a call from my father yesterday evening to tell me that everything went perfectly. She'll be in the hospital a few more days, where she'll start rehab.

1. Married Man Blues- 10CC
2. Motherless Child- The Blind Boys of Alabama
3. Can't Say Nothin'- Curtis Mayfield
4. Me and Bobby McGee- Janis Joplin
5. Almost Saturday Night- Dave Edmunds
6. Johnny And Mary- Robert Palmer
7. Hitch Hike- Marvin Gaye
8. The Bitterest Pill- The Jam
9. Penthouse and Pavement- Heaven 17
10. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Grows)- The Edison Lighthouse

1. From 10CC's Deceptive Bends, one of my favorite albums of the seventes.
2. I always think of Richie Havens' great rendition of this at Woodstock whenever I hear someone's version of this. I heard it on the album, by the way. I was only eight when Woodstock took place. My parents wouldn't let me go.
3. From People Get Ready, the fantabulous Curtis Mayfield box set.
4. Janis Joplin continuing the great rock and roll tradition of having your greatest hit after you die (e.g.: Otis Redding's Dock of the Bay, ) Janis played the acoustic guitar that's at the beginning of the song.
5. Dave Edmunds covering John Fogerty.
6. From Robert Palmer's mercifully short New Wave phase.
7. My copy of Marvin Gaye's Super Hits was one of the most-borrowed records in my collection when I was in college.
8. Paul Weller and the boys at their finest.
9. This group got their name from a ficticious music group in Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange. My favorite song of theirs was Let Me Go.
10. Everybody loves this bit of pop tripe. Try not singing along. I dare you. Here-- I'll throw the 45 on the turntable.

Go ahead-- dance around your cubicle a little bit.


cheer34 said...

Glad your mom is doing well. It is amazing the rate of recovery from hip surgery. My mom was home nine days after leaving the hospital for rehab. Stairs and driving were the only restirictions placed on her.

SkylersDad said...

Best wishes going out to your mom.

And I just love me some Janis...

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Hip replacements are routine now. I'm glad she got through hers well. Give her my best next time you talk to her, I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Hot Lemon said...

Yes, but are YOU screwing to lower the divorce rate??

Natalie said...

Best wishes for your mom's recovery. Me and Bobby McGee is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping your mom is up and around in no time at all.

Thanks - now I'll be singing that song the rest of the night. At least it's better then singing "here comes Johnny Yen again" like I do for about five minutes every time I read your blog.

Toccata said...

Best of luck to your mom. There's a man that I see every morning walking along the ocean and he went through what your mom did a couple of years ago. He is going great guns. Hope your mom will be doing the same.

I was unable to fight off the allure of number 10 and I find I am humming the song while writing these words.

Distributorcap said...

hope your mom is doing better -- my dad had a double hip replacement and he says it was the best thing that ever happened -- he can walk and get around like a spry 78 year old

best to your mom! and speedy recovery

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've always HATED that Love Grows song!

Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery.

Erik Donald France said...

Salud and best to your Mom and the fam'.

Interesting cuts here, some rarer picks among the biggies.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I want to hear some Janis Joplin if I ever have hip surgery.

BeckEye said...

Glad to hear that your mom's surgery went well. She'll be up and dancing to Edison Lighthouse in no time! :)