Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Random Ten

1. Fountain of Sorrow- Jackson Browne
2. The Pogues- Fiesta
3. Sounds of Silence- Simon and Garfunkel
4. One Step Ahead- Split Enz
5. You're A Big Girl Now- Bob Dylan
6. If I Knew- Joan Baez
7. I Fought The Law And The Law Won- The Clash
8. Harper Valley PTA- Jeannie C. Reilly
9. Animal Boy- The Ramones
10. Open Your Eyes- Lords Of The New Church

1. Jackson Browne at his most self-pitying. Tonio K had a great answer song to Fountain of Sorrow on his fabulous 1978 album Life In the Foodchain. The song, called H-A-T-R-E-D, recounts a less self-pitying response to break-up, and has the line "Fountain of Sorrow my ass, motherf*cker!."
2. From If I Should Fall From Grace With God, my favorite Pogues album.
3. Anybody remember the bit early on in Saturday Night Live History when Paul Simon was singing, with Charles Grodin wearing an Art Garfunkel wig? Art Garfunkel came out, confiscated the wig and Simon and Garfunkel had a reunion.
4. Split Enz had a small hit with this one, a bigger one with I Got You. They mutated into Crowded House and had a couple more hits.
5. Bob Dylan singing about being dumped by his wife Sara.
6. A lovely anti-war song by Joan Baez, who Dylan dumped to date Sara, who he married.
7. The Clash's great cover of a great Bobby Fuller Four song.
8. I've loved this song since I was a kid.
9. What's a Friday Random Ten without the Ramones?
10. A punk supergroup fronted by the late, great Stiv Bators.


Erik Donald France said...

Jackson Brown and most of the "California sound" used to make me sick from FM overplay ;)

Weirdly, I was just looking at a youtube clip of JCR doing "Harper Valley PTA," and also love that CLash version. . . Yeahdawg -- happy Prez weekend!

Beth said...

"One Step Ahead" is such a great song — one that never got enough airplay. Glad you're iPod is much cooler than radio.

dmarks said...

3. Which Paul Simon on SNL? I remember when Senator Paul Simon sang "Sound of Silence".

Bats in the Belfry said...

Guess I'm off of your friends list. What gives Dude? Is it because I have been without a pc for the last 3 months?

GETkristiLOVE said...

I still get chills when I hear The Sounds of Silence like the first time. What a great song.

SkylersDad said...

Ditto what GKL said, one of the all time great songs. And Harper Valley PTA? I thought I was the only one around here with enough rings in my trunk to remember that!

Bubs said...

Love this list. I'd forgotten all about the Lords of the New Church!

Hot Lemon said...

OK, I just got my iPod. How do I do this on Fridays??

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Much as I love the Clash originals, some of their covers are absolutely inspired.

Doc said...

I love Harper Valley P.T.A. It was written by my all time favorite artist Tom T. Hall. He was a disc-jockey at the time and wrote it for her as a gift. Check him out sometime.


Distributorcap said...

6/10 -- i am getting better