Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday-At-Last Random Ten

For some reason, the week after spring break always seems like the longest week of the year. I'm glad this one's done.

We were talking at work last night about Chicago weather-- particularly the fact that our spring is usually just a continuation of winter. We don't get decent weather until June. I can't wait.

1. Ghetto Defendant- The Clash
2. Listen To Her Heart- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
3. Smithers-Jones-- The Jam
4. What Did You Do To My Life?- Neil Young
5. I'll Wait- Van Halen
6. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant- Billy Joel
7. Wishing Well- Free
8. Soulful Strut- Young-Holt
9. Downtown- Petula Clark
10. Stigmata Martyr- Bauhaus

1. This Clash song, from Combat Rock, their best-selling album, features the poet Allen Ginsberg.
2. My favorite Tom Petty song. He's called this song his homage to the Searchers ("Needles and Pins").
3. The Jam with a string quartet telling a tale of middle class woe.
4. From Neil Young's self-titled first solo album.
5. Van Halen the way they should be, with David Lee Roth singing.
6. Guilty Pleasure.
7. Free's other hit ("All Right Now" was their biggest). Singer Paul Rodgers went on to sing for Bad Company.
8. This lovely little instrumental hit seems to make its way into a lot of movie soundtracks.
9. I think this was her biggest hit.
10. A dark song by Bauhaus-- how unusual.


BeckEye said...

I never get tired of "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant."

Oh, and Paul Rodgers is the best rock singer EVER.

Distributorcap said...

we had the warmest winter in NY (just to get your jealous)

downtown was Petula Clark's biggest hit. i remember i saw her in My Fair Lady in London around 20 years ago!

she is terrific

sexy said...