Friday, March 14, 2008

Middle-Aged Friday Random Ten

I finally got new glasses this week. This was the first where I needed bifocals. Fortunately for my vanity, they've got those "no-line" bifocals.

This weekend should be crazy; I work in two irish-themed restaurants. I'm working Monday night, St. Patrick's Day, and then Tuesday morning, Adam and I are taking off to visit my parents in Tennessee.

1. It Doesn't Matter- Stephen Stills
2. Highway Kind- Townes Van Zandt
3. The Wayward Wind- Gogi Grant
4. The Broad Majestic Shannon- The Pogues
5. Have You Seen Her Face- The Byrds
6. Good Times, Bad Times- Led Zeppelin
7. Balloon Man- Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
8. Blue Jean Blues- ZZ Top
9. It's Different For Girls- Joe Jackson
10. Four Sticks- Led Zeppelin


cheer34 said...

after you have worn the bi-focals awhile will you post about them? If the glasses are difficult to get used to, any mishaps, etc. I have to get them but...I have heard stories about people misjudging distance and falling, getting headaches, feeling dizzy that type of thing. So I am reluctant.

'Bubbles' said...

Did you wear glasses at all before? I wore glasses / contacts for about 20 years. I had lasik a couple of years ago and it was great. They didn't get my sight perfect, which was good because it helped me delay the readers awhile. I can get away without the readers for now - but that's because I have kids to help me! :-)

'Bubbles' said...

Sorry... I just re-read the post and see that you got *new* glasses. oops.

Beth said...

I headbobbed an "oh, yeah" to just about every song on this list. Think I'm gonna get up and dance around the room.

Have fun in the warming South.

Grant Miller said...

Good times Bad Times kicks major ass.

Elkorama said...

The Pogues Rocked THu PM....Sorry you missed the show dude....

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm still on the reading glasses myself, but it won't be long before I'll be right there with you, rocking the bifocals. Go gramps!