Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bye-Bye Bounce

The good Dr. Monkerstein and other noted political pundits told us to be calm when the polls indicated a dead heat. They told us that the bounce that brought McCain and Palin to a dead heat with Obama and Biden was typical of what happens after a convention-- a five point bump.

They were, of course, right. The latest New York Times/CBS poll puts Obama back at the 48% to 43% lead he had going into the conventions.

What's more, people are realizing with the economy in a mess and the banking industry in a meltdown, it might be nice to have a guy who is pretty damned smart as president. You know-- someone who graduated from Harvard, was the first African-American to be the editor for the Harvard Law Review, etc.

Or maybe you thought a guy who graduated 894th in his class of 899 at West Point might have the smarts to do the job. Hell, he'll have the help of a woman who was governor for two years of a state of about a half million people.

By the way, that's about the size of Obama's district was when was an Illinois State Senator. But hey, he's inexperienced, you know.


micro cap stocks said...

what happened to the other one?

MarilynM said...

Finally some good news!!!! but I can't understand how can the polls be so close, after the mess the Republicans have made??. I got really scared when I saw the polls after Sen. McCain chose Palin (by the way, as a woman, it is truly offensive that someone running for president of the United States of America thinks women will vote for a candidate just because she has two X chromosomes!!!!!). But apparently, the madness is beginning to pass

Cap'n Ergo "Carthage" Jinglebollocks said...

at the very least, it's an entertaining and historical election...

Erik Donald France said...

Shorthand: McCain was lazy, benefitted from his family's nepotism (as does his latest wife, who bankrolled his political ego), was a POW, and replaced Goldwater -- wouldn't it be great if the election ended up like in '64?

The Orwellian flip of calling Obama "an elitist" when he is of the meritocaracy. On the other hand, maybe paying some attention in school automatically makes one a member of "the elite." I hope so. If that's the case, I'm in with Obama ;->

Erik Donald France said...

typo --


And Spain is definitely not located in South America . . .

Ɯbermilf said...

But I want to vote for the (decrepit and ancient) jock and the cheerleader, not the brain and the class president!

I so want to be popular.

Bubs said...

The use of that term "elite" or "elitist" is a classic Republican effort to tap into white, working class resentment. Nixon and Agnew did it, and it's been honed to a fine edge since 2000.

As to why the Democrats aren't doing better in the polls? Because we've nominated a black guy with an Arab-sounding middle name. Simple as that.

Erik Donald France said...
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Erik Donald France said...

Wall Street Journal blasts John McCain
Posted: 01:59 PM ET

John McCain said 'Raising taxes in a tough economy isn't patriotic.'
FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

When you graduate 894th out of a class of 899, eventually it will show up.

And John McCain’s mediocre performance at the Naval Academy is showing up big time this week in his total lack of understanding of the nation’s financial crisis.

He told us he didn’t know much about the economy… now he’s proving it.

So much so that the Wall Street Journal, perhaps America’s leading financial publication, is blasting McCain over what its editorial board sees as inaccurate and, “unpresidential” comments about the crisis in America’s financial system.

If you’re a Republican running for president of the United States and the Wall Street Journal basically says you’re an incompetent buffoon, you’re in serious trouble.

Specifically the paper pointed to comments McCain made yesterday about SEC Chair Christopher Cox.

McCain pointed the finger at Cox and said if he were president, he’d fire him for “betraying the public’s trust.”

The Wall Street Journal called that assault “both false and deeply unfair.”

The Journal also said, “In a crisis voters want steady, calm leadership… not easy, misleading answers that will do nothing to help.”