Friday, September 19, 2008

The "Catching Up" Friday Random Ten

The last week or so of my Chemistry 203 class was a little overwhelming. This class gets into some serious theoretical and conceptual stuff that I'm really struggling to grasp. And after a thirty year hiatus, advanced algebra, calculus and quadratic equations have re-entered my life. I don't know what's more scary-- that it's been thirty years, or that I'm actually remembering it all.

I gave serious consideration to dropping the class. I went to class yesterday and realized that there were people who just had classes in all of that math recently and were struggling more than I was. Yesterday's class went well: I'm catching up, rather than falling behind. I realized that I can tough it out. I may pass this class with a C, but I'm going to pass it.

1. Robbery, Assault and Battery- Genesis
2. Sacred Heart- Million Dollar Marxists
3. It's Hard To Be a Saint In the City- Bruce Springsteen
4. I Knew I'd Want You- The Byrds
5. September- Earth, Wind and Fire
6. The Last Trip To Tulsa- Neil Young
7. Dance This Mess Around- The B-52's
8. Long Time Gone- Crosby, Stills and Nash
9. Can't Let Go- Lucinda Williams
10. Ballad of a Teenaged Queen- Johnny Cash

1. Okay, it's art rock, but I love it. Good thing Phil Collins is better at producing music than he is at picking out wives.
2. These old-school punkers hail from Ottawa, Ontario.
3. From Springsteen's great first album. Love the opening line: "I had skin like leather and the diamond-hard luck of a cobra/I was born blue and weathered but I burst just like a supernova"
4. I've always loved the Byrds, but lately have been really getting into them.
5. Have you ever had a song you heard a thousand times and never paid much mind to, but the 1001th time you hear it you love it? That happened with this song a few years ago.
6. From Neil Young's first album.
7. Man, doesn't that first B-52's albums still sound great? Can you believe it's 30 years old?
8. This song is about the assassination of Robert Kennedy.
9. Lucinda Williams as a stalker. A pretty charming stalker, I'm certain.
10. Did Johnny Cash do even one bad song? I love this guy.

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